'New Girl' Season 2 Casting Roundup, Plus FOX Reveals Rules to 'True American'
'New Girl' Season 2 Casting Roundup, Plus FOX Reveals Rules to 'True American'
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Get ready to meet a new faces when New Girl returns for its sophomore season this fall. The list includes Bent star David Walton, Reno 911 actress Niecy Nash and Knocked Up actress Leslie Mann.

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers about New Girl season 2!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Walton will be playing a love interest for Zooey Deschanel's Jess. His recurring character, a "classic bad boy type," will first appear in the second season opener as he mistakes Jess for someone else. Jess, however, decides to play along. 

"What's been great is that it kind of unhinges her, which is fantastic to write for that character because now bets are off," executive producer Liz Meriwether teases to TV Guide about Jess. "She's really questioning every part of herself, every decision she's made, who she is and what she wants. That leads her to try something she's never tried before, which is to sleep with someone she hates and to continue to sleep with him. I feel like we've all been there!" 
With the arrival of Walton, it appears that Jess and Nick won't hook up anytime soon. But hope is not lost.

"I think they're perfect for each other," Meriwether says. "I just think they're not perfect for each other right now. What's exciting with this season is we're going to deal with it. We're not pretending like it doesn't exist. You would be aware of it if you were living with a person and you had that strong of a connection with them." 
Also gracing the second season premiere is Mann, who will play a "shot girl" who is hired by Schmidt (Max Greenfield) for his party to celebrate the removal of his penis cast. Nash, on the other hand, will play a thief who snatches the purse of Jess in an early episode of the upcoming season, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. Diary of a Wimpy Kid actress Rachel Harris will also be reprising her role as Jess' vice principal, Tayna Lamontagne.

Meanwhile, FOX has finally provided the official rules to True American, the made-up drinking game featured in the episode "Normal." Can't remember the game? Check out the clip below: 

New Girl kicks off its second season on Tuesday, September 25 at 8pm ET/PT but fans can catch all 24 episodes of the first season on Yahoo! TV beginning July 30 through August 26.

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