'New Girl' Recap: Prince and Three Little Words
'New Girl' Recap: Prince and Three Little Words
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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New Girl might not garner a whole lot of new fans after this year's horribly lopsided Super Bowl. Here's hoping  viewers stay tuned to check out the comic acting chops of a diminutive musical genius with a penchant for very high heels and very tight pants. For established fans of the quirky New Girl or of the pop icon Prince (or both), the outcome of the game was inconsequential.

What's far more interesting to watch than a grown man cry (sorry, Peyton Manning) is watching the singer of When Doves Cry hang with our favorite loft-dwelling thirtysomethings. There's no way to organically fit the artist formerly known as Prince -- who realized having an unpronounceable symbol as a moniker a) didn't change the fact that everybody still called him Prince, and b) didn't boost lagging record sales -- into the day-to-day existence of Jessica Day and company.

So, seeing how the show's writers manage to get the doe-eyed beauty not only within close proximity of the elusive singer, but also lure him into sitcom hijinks as well, is "Must See TV" (thanks, NBC).

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Panty Raid

New Girl has a very macho bit right out of the gate, very appropriate given its lead-in. An innocent question regarding laundry turns into four grown men spending way too long discussing panties. I'm going to make it my personal mission that the term "panty hawk" catches on.

Party Like It's 1999

As penance for almost squashing Jess and CeCe with a giant SUV, an employee of the singer Prince invites the ladies to a party at the home of "His Royal Badness." Schmidt mistakenly believes the invite includes himself, Coach, Winston and Nick. Schmidt is convinced this party is a rite-of-passage, the one social event that every climber waits for. He was sure the time had finally come to leave the guys behind, a revelation he makes with no apologies, telling Coach, "Look around, this can't be the finish line."

Who would have thought that going to a party at Prince's house would not be the biggest thing to happen to Jess? As the boys tuck the girls into their stretch limo, Nick sends his girlfriend off with an off-the-cuff "I love you." The first time either has said those three little words. Caught off guard, Jess' only response is to make finger guns and point them at him as the car pulls away. The guys are speechless, while, in the back of the limo, CeCe shouts to the driver that they're going to be needing much more champagne.

I Think I Love You

At the bar, the guys dissect Nick's ill-timed proclamation of his affection. Coach swears a man never says it first. Nick says he didn't plan to tell her, that it just slipped out. Winston questions if that's how the surly bartender really feels. Nick meant it but wanted the moment when he first said it to be special. Winston tries to comfort him by downplaying Nick's premature exclamation of intense infatuation. He says that he's always blurted it out, usually at the top of his lungs and at arbitrary times.

Little Red Corvette

Worried that his intensity might scare off the girl of his dreams, the guys head to the party. The boys arrive in a Ford Fusion because it wouldn't be a Super Bowl aftershow without some product placement. The plan: Nick takes back his I love you.

Inside the party, Jess is distracted by this momentous turning point in her and Nick's relationship. There is a cameo by Los Angeles Dodger Clayton Kershaw, who briefly hits on her and she dismisses immediately.

Let's Go Crazy

Coach and Winston scam their way in, while Nick "Trojan Horses" his way in among a gaggle of supermodels. Nick finds Jess, and instead of telling him she loves him, she has a panic attack and passes out instead. As if the finger guns weren't bad enough. CeCe, Winston and Coach are forced to witness as Nick tells Jess that he wants to recant his I love you and that saying it was a big mistake. Count on Schmidt to provide comic relief as he enters the party through a hedge.

As the group dissipates to leave Jess and Nick to work out this latest caveat in their relationship, who should finally make an appearance but "The Purple One"? When the couple is rendered speechless, Prince says, "Oh, how rude of me. I haven't given you enough time to freak out yet. You may do so now."

Diamonds and Pearls of Advice

Prince plays love guru to Jess over pancakes. I'd be more likely to buy him giving out sex advice, but whatever. He tells Jess she can't tell Nick she loves him because she's scared. Jess admits she really cares about him, and she's afraid she's going to lose him. Prince gives her the sage advice that anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for. Next comes a montage (soundtrack courtesy of Prince) during which Prince teaches Jess about fashion and love.

Jess emerges radiant and rejuvenated from her time with Prince. Lets face the facts, what woman wouldn't? She finds Nick in the crowd and finally says, quite loudly and with conviction, that she loves him. If only Prince could solve everyone's relationship problems, the world would just be a better place.

The fantasy evening ends with a Jess/Prince duet, and the gang hits the stage for a dance party.

Wondering how their lives will move forth with any normality after brushing elbows with the pop culture icon, they realize CeCe is missing. She's stayed behind to have her own fun. She and Prince are playing ping pong.

Kudos, New Girl, for creating an episode with moments so surreal, it seems like we could have all been collectively dreaming.

New Girl regularly airs Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX.

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