How to Make Comedy Awesome: 'New Girl' Bus Tour and 'Community' Video Game
How to Make Comedy Awesome: 'New Girl' Bus Tour and 'Community' Video Game
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
How do you continue the resurgence of TV comedy? Community and New Girl have both found ways to bring us the fun throughout the summer -- keep reading to find out how you can get some comedy fun for yourself!

Is New Girl Coming to Your Town?

FOX has announced that it is sending New Girl across the country during the show's summer hiatus. The New Girl True American Bus Tour will bring Schmidt's party bus (seen in "The Story of the 50") to multiple locations throughout the country -- this is your chance to prove that you are indeed a True American!

Alas, it doesn't sound like the stars of New Girl will come with their bus. But there will be plenty to distract the True Americans anyway. Exclusive videos, New Girl gifts (with Jess glasses), t-shirts, novelty photos, cupcakes and "douchbag-jar pong" are all features of the party bus.

Will the bus stop near you? Here is the schedule:

Boston: June 8-10
New York City: June 13-14
Philadelphia: June 15
Jersey Shore: June 16
Charlotte, NC: June 18-19
Atlanta: June 22-24
Orlando: June 28
Tampa: June 29-30
Miami: July 3-5
Chicago: July 12-15
Oklahoma City: July 20-22
Dallas: July 25-26
Austin: July 27-28
Phoenix: Aug. 3
Las Vegas: Aug. 4-5
San Diego: Aug. 10-12
Los Angeles: Aug. 15-19
San Francisco: Aug. 24-26
Seattle: Aug. 31-Sept. 3

Click here for more details on the stops.

Don't Just Watch Community, Play Community

Community season 3 brought us no end of revolutionary and creative episodes. From sci-fi to a musical to Law & Order, there was seemingly nothing that Community wouldn't tackle.

But did any of us expect a video game?

The 8-bit video game, "Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne," seen in the "Digital Estate Planning" episode was lots of fun to watch. Sex-crazed hippies, sexy village girls and random racial overtones combined into one awfully funny game.

There was only one downside -- we couldn't play along. Now, however, that problem is gone!

Thanks to the geniuses at, there is now a playable version of the video game seen on Community. And it's awesome.

Click here to visit the site and download Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne.

The game, as it exists right now, is only a demo version (you'll never reach the point where the senior Hawthorne gets to ridicule you), but even the demo is kind of amazing.

To begin with, you get to choose a character and a costume. For the "Jeff Winger" character, for example, you can choose from normal Jeff, "Darkest Timeline," "Kool Kat," "Seacrest Hulk" and more. If you're like me, character selection alone can use up half an hour of supposed work time.

Once the character is chosen, the game begins. The dirty hippies present the first challenge -- don't let them do the "group sex" on you! The rest of the demo version doesn't have much going on. You can travel to the village, but the helpful maiden and random, homicide-inducing villagers aren't there yet. Also, Abed's babies are nowhere to be seen.

But that doesn't stop the fun! And we can hope that more of "Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne" will come soon!

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