'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Not-so-Sweet 15
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Not-so-Sweet 15
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Tuesday is here, bringing yet another wild and wacky episode of Hell's Kitchen, where the remaining 12 contestants don't seem to be getting that much stronger in the kitchen.

JP will be opening the doors of Hell's Kitchen to a young 15-year-old girl, planning an extravagant Quincineara, equivalent to the infamous sweet 16 party.

"Zach's hair moved all the way down from his head to his chin," says Anthony. "They swapped places." No, there is no roast being held in the dining room. Chef Ramsay is showing the most embarrassing pictures of himself and the cheftestants from their childhood. This leads into this week's challenge.

A young girl by the name of Brianna walks into the dining room with her mother and godmother/party planner. Hell's Kitchen will be hosting this teen girl's quinceanera.

Quinceanera Challenge: Each team has 45 minutes to create a five-dish menu to present to the birthday girl. The team with the best menu will win.

Barret immediately messes up by dropping some hot sauce in his dish after hearing Brianna clearly state that she DOES NOT like spicy foods. Just as foretold, he loses a point to the Red Team for his spicy dish. The women may add this one to their belt.

And I would be right!

Challenge Winner: Red Team

The women, winning again, will be whisked away to Knott's Berry Farm for a fun filled day of amusement rides and childhood fun. The Blue Team, under Josette the party planner's direction, has to transform the dining room for Brianna's quinceanera. 

Quinceanera Dinner Service

Both teams are splitting responsibility for the head table's meal.

Amanda starts her team off in the wrong direction, butchering the tuna meant for the main table. The Blue Team's dishes have left the kitchen before their opposition. Nedra decides to take it upon herself to jump on Amanda's station as a helping hand. Wrong move.

The Red Team is backed up on appetizers, and Amanda has put full blame on Nedra for another misfire with her tuna. Brianna's traditional waltz is now on hold thanks to Amanda's inability to cook. Oh, and the conflict between the two has caused Nedra to drop a tuna filet on the floor. 

The appetizer hold has forced the quincineara to move on to the waltz against Chef Ramsay's wishes. Entrees don't prove to be any easier for either team, though. Zach fails with potato proportioning, Nedra hands raw chicken to the pass, Barret leaves a charred stick in his shrimp and, lastly, Cyndi fails on rib-eye. 

Winner: No one

Both teams are told to nominate two people each and report back to the dining room for elimination. The Blue Team sends Zach and Barret to the line while the Red Team chooses Amanda and Cyndi.

"Do you give a [expletive]?" Ramsay asks Cyndi. She replies, "I give a huge [expletive]." Well that about rounds up the best fight for their life. So who stays and who goes?

Eliminated: Amanda

"It's not easy," says Amanda with tears in her eyes. Well you sure made it look difficult, that's for sure.

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, tonight's drama will continue. Tune in as Ramsay gets the call and Hell's Kitchen hosts some of the country's most important VIPs, or at least thats what the announcement says.

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