'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Lobster Tales
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Lobster Tales
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Tuesday night brings us a brand new episode of Hell's Kitchen. After last week's 2-hour premiere, the heat is sure to get hotter and hotter as the season progresses, but tonight one would think it were already the finale.

Ramsay wants to promote the idea of the "team" today with a challenge that can hopefully help the 19 remaining cheftestants bounce back from a not-so-great beginning. Unfortunately, his efforts are quickly tossed out of each and every window.

"Sara-Nara," says Zach. You know, "Sara-Nara" as in sayonara. These people are serving meals to starving individuals. Be afraid. While the boys are warning Jeremy who escaped elimination, Nedra and Gina of the Red Team are at each other's throats. 

The next morning, a troupe of soldiers give the teams their wake-up call. For the team challenge, everyone meets Chef Ramsay outside of Hell's Kitchen. Everyone except for Gina. Not feeling the "team spirit," she bows out and leaves the competition. 

The soldiers demonstrate helping one another over a tall wall, like that of an obstacle course. Yes, chefs are hitting the obstacle course.

Lobster Challenge: Teams must help their members up and over the wall. From here, they will enter the live lobster cage, retrieving as many lobsters as possible in five minutes.

Jeremy might be a joke in the kitchen, but he hoists the rest of the men up and over the wall as if they were dolls.

Challenge Winner: Blue Team

"Congratulations, you won ... NOTHING!" announces Ramsay. MADE YOU LOOK! That was only part one. 

But wait! There's a man down. Anthony rolled onto his ankle, coming off the wall. He finishes the challenge, helping his team to a first-part victory, but medics strongly suggest he be taken to the hospital. Against their wishes, Anthony is supported into the kitchen for lobster preparation.

Like an artist, Chef Ramsay takes a lobster apart beautifully. Almost makes one back away from eating the little thing. Not really.

Lobster Challenge Part Two: Two by two, each team will extract the meat from the shell. The team with the most properly prepared lobster will win.

Overall Challenge Winner: Red Team

The winners will spend a day on an eighty-five foot yacht, sipping champagne and having massages. Unfortunately for the losing men, it's fish delivery day. 

"Man, I hate you, fish!" is the consensus for the men today.

While the women enjoy sushi, chatter with Chef Ramsay and feel good rub downs, the men are served fish head soup. "The bad thing is that if I did throw up it would look just like this," says Jeremy. Thanks.

The time for dinner service prep has come and two chefs are already in over their heads. Danielle has butchered three, yes, THREE racks of lamb. Jeremy, he may never get things right, is walking around the Blue Kitchen aimlessly, waiting to be told what to do next. 

Lobster Dinner Service

Nedra of the Red Kitchen and Jeremy of the Blue Kitchen (Heaven help us!) will be serving side-table fired lobster to their respective diners.

Right out of the gate, Mary flops on her first ticket. The risotto is nothing but white wine. "Reduce it down," yells Ramsay. He then has to yell at the men for rubbery scallops.

Nothing is coming out of the Blue Kitchen thanks to Christian's scallops. One might think that Jeremy could save the day by serving lobster, but he isn't even sure how to pick one out of the tank let alone serve it to the right table.

Christian sends out his first ticket of scallops, finally, but the Red Team is still stuck with wine saturated risotto. Danielle asks the question of the night, "Do you want about a teaspoon?" By this point, you should really know how much wine to drop in the risotto because either way, you have to reduce it! 

On the other side of the wall, Ramsay sits Jeremy and Christian down to taste their own inedible appetizers. Have they learned their lesson now? Of course not! Butchered lamb makes it to the pass. You know what that means. With 90 minutes of zero plates on the tables Ramsay yells, "Get out!" The Blue Kitchen is now bare. 

The Red Team can pull it together and serve the entire dining room, right? Nope! Susan hands Ramsay raw lamb and earns her team a trip back to the dorms.

Both teams are now given the task of choosing two people each to suggest for elimination.

The Blue Team immediately attacks Jeremy. The single support system at the wall challenge, Jeremy is once again being put up for elimination.

The Red Team singles Susan out for her raw lamb. She's not happy at all, refusing to talk more about it and slamming doors.

The Blue Team nominate Jeremy and Christian, for obvious reasons, and the Red Team nominate Danielle and Mary. What happened to nominating Susan? So she throws a fit and they feel sorry for her? 

Eliminated: Christian

"Chef Ramsay really messed up by getting rid of this Boston guy," says Christian. What?

After sending Mary, Danielle and their teams back to the dorms, he asks Jeremy to stay put. Will there still be another elimination? In Hell's Kitchen fashion, we'll find out next week because this episode is "to be continued." 

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, we may actually witness a physical fight break out during dinner service. Will all of the cheftestants survive the night? Or will there be two more chefs leaving? Tune in to Fox and find out!

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