'Necessary Roughness' Interview: A Chat with Star Callie Thorne
'Necessary Roughness' Interview: A Chat with Star Callie Thorne
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We recently had the opportunity to visit the Necessary Roughness set in Atlanta, where we talked to series star Callie Thorne. Check out this interview to find out what she has to say about Necessary Roughness season 2.

What was it like, coming back to Necessary Roughness after a long hiatus?

Callie Thorne: We did have a nice, long hiatus, and it is always a little nerve-wracking coming back into a show. And before this, I didn't have so much to think about. This was the first time coming back into the second season of the show being number one on the call sheet. I was very nervous about that.

And we luckily had about a week before we started shooting, which was little bits of rehearsals, little bits of fittings... And so the guys and I got to play and talk and hang out, and we all just naturally fell back into our roles. It really made the first few weeks of work that much more giggly and fun.

There's so much going on [at the beginning of season 2], but everything was so wonderfully detailed. It made it easy for us to slip back in, and I also really liked the fact that it wasn't like a year later.

The Necessary Roughness season 2 premiere picks up shortly after the events at the end of season 1. What is the advantage of a short time gap in the story?

Callie Thorne: It was sort of really a perfect time to come back. The audience wasn't struggling to remember what happened, nor were we struggling to sort of establish things that happened -- you know, do expositions, stuff like that. It was all, so it was like right there.

How will Dr. Dani work with TK in the new season?

Callie Thorne: Well, it's even sort of questionable when we come back if she's really helping him at that point, because he does think of her in this maternal way, which I think kind of backfires a little bit when we come back to that. Because now it's almost like he's rebelling as a child or, you know, a teenager or whatever would with the parent. And he isn't accepting what really happened to him.

He's in this sort of state of denial, and that makes their relationship really difficult. She can't get through to him... and sort of try and get in any which way to get him to admit what happened. Because he really is completely as wild as TK was last year. He's a wild and sort of extraordinary character. He's even more so, you know, when we come back, but not for the best reasons.

Does TK want her help at all?

Callie Thorne: I think it's really interesting, the first few episodes, watching Dr. Dani trying to get in there any which way, and he's not taking it. He's really not working with her at all, and that's new, you know. I think that is a new place to find them. And then you'll see what happens.

Where does Dr. Dani get her strength from?

Callie Thorne: A lot of what I bring to the character myself is a lot of my own mother. I grew up with a single mother, and so there's a lot of the tone and behavior that I think of in terms of my own mom, as well as the woman that the show is based on.

The character is based on a very strong woman. She's sort of, you know... I've always said she's this force to be reckoned with. And that is in the writing, because she is in the writers' office. She's always there to be part of what the particular patient of the week is. She's also there to make sure that the character is very true to herself and the circumstances.

Sometimes you've got an enormous amount f homework to do in order to bring a woman like that to life.

What's it like for you when Necessary Roughness steps outside of the football arena?

Callie Thorne: Well, my first favorite is what happens in the second episode... or maybe it's the third? They get tangled. But it's the roller derby, and so for several reasons. You know, I was really excited that it was a female, you know, that we were focusing on a female athlete. And then roller derby's always something that I've always loved watching.

That was very exciting for me to go to. They created, you know, for the show, they created a roller derby arena. But they did it very beautifully, and they got a real team together. That was Rob Morrow's episode.

The actress they cast as the girl with the issue was a real tough little cookie, and she was getting really involved in it. And so that was fun for me because I got to go and sort of be in there and meet all these incredible women, these tough women. And I think that's what I'm very excited about in regards to the second season. There will be way more of leaving the football stadium, although obviously I love going to the football stadium. But that just makes it more exciting for me!

Necessary Roughness season 2 premieres on Wednesday, June 6 at 10pm on USA.

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