'Necessary Roughness' Interview: Executive Producer Kevin Dowling on Season 2
'Necessary Roughness' Interview: Executive Producer Kevin Dowling on Season 2
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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On a recent set visit to the Atlanta home of USA's Necessary Roughness, we got a chance to talk to the show's executive producer, Kevin Dowling. Keep reading for all of the scoop on Necessary Roughness season 2!

What changes between Necessary Roughness season 1 and season 2?

Kevin Dowling: I think it's a pretty big decision to focus more on our team, on the Hawks family. I mean, there's always been this parallel theme of Dani's nuclear family and how it gets affected by taking on this new family and the fact that there are pressures that put all kinds of demands on the original family -- and what does that mean?

What we all want to know is what's it like for them. Is it really like what we see in the newspapers and all that? So we've tried to keep it based on reality and based on stories that we know, but also weave that into the fictional Hawks.

TK has a lot more to do... You know, we're going to see a lot more of TK. We're going to see more of Nico. We meet Pittman finally, and he's a surprise.

Gabrielle will be back, and we get to see a whole bunch of high drama between them. And Nico, of course, gets in the middle of all that, and we don't know where his allegiances are and we get to question those things.

There'll be a lot more of TK and what happens in his private life and how's that's all going to work out.

What role will TK's post traumatic stress disorder play in Necessary Roughness season 2?

Kevin Dowling: Quite a bit, actually. Two of the writers were sort of full-time on that for quite awhile. And of course we have our original Donna Dannenfelser, who this is all, you know, inspired by her life story...

We've tried to make it as authentic as possible and not violate the therapeutic community. The only thing we have done is put jelly beans in the therapeutic room, which the real Dr. D absolutely hates... But how it worked is that what we learned very early on is that Mehcad had, in addition to his great acting talents and his amazing presence, he had some unusual talents. And one of them is being able to almost throw anything up in the air and catch it in his mouth.

Where is the Dani-Matt relationship heading?

Kevin Dowling: Oh, I can't tell you that. Let's put it this way -- their problems are not entirely over. I will definitely guarantee you that.

Will we see more of the relationship between Dani and her ex-husband?

Kevin Dowling: We would love to. We love Craig Bierko so much, and we loved that reunion show last year. It's been hard. We have so many plot lines going now, and also Craig's schedule.

We're all, if we could do it in the second half [of the season], we definitely will. But it's hard. You know, we've got TK and everything's happening to him. Dani and the kids, Matt and Coach.

What's the time frame for season 2?

Kevin Dowling: Now we literally go the whole summer season on USA. We'll be the off-season move after playoffs, and the winter season will take us into the season again.

There will be some Pittman-related drama in season 2. How much of that was inspired by real sports stories?

Kevin Dowling: That is going to play out quite a bit over the first half of the season, absolutely. And certainly the Dodgers helped to -- to inspire some. But I think the writers have gone even beyond that.

What guest stars can we expect to see in Necessary Roughness season 2?

Kevin Dowling: Terrell [Owens] will be back for sure. Charles Barkley is certainly a friend of the show. We'd love to have him, and we're trying to find ways to have him come in. Unfortunately, his schedule is insane, even though he's here all the time... But literally, Terrell came in last week to shoot a scene with Mehcad [Brooks] and went out on the same day. Because he has the same kind of crazy schedule. But the two of them... I guarantee the scene that you're going to see between them will be one of the favorites, because the hardest part was keeping the crew from laughing. I will only give the hint that they have a food fight at one point.

What role will guest star Gaius Charles play on the show?

Kevin Dowling: He hadn't become a Hawk yet, but he's headed in that direction. We all loved him so much on Friday Night Lights, but the real problem was Gaius is not a big guy... We kind of wrote it for that specifically and some of those issues will continue to go on. He gets introduced in [episode] 203, and he's in a current episode we're about to shoot. And we're hoping he'll come back as a recurring character.

What new patients will Dr. Dani treat?

Kevin Dowling: Well, there will be a bull rider, and I can't even tell you too much about that, because that's not done. We think there may be a spelling-bee champion has their own unique problems. I'm trying to think other sports. I said roller derby -- we've already done [that] -- then we're back to the Hawks.

There's some talk about gymnastics, skating -- whether that'll be figure skating or ice hockey, hard to say at this point. But we definitely will go all around the place to place. We're doing baseball.

Necessary Roughness season 2 premieres on Wednesday, June 6 at 10pm on USA.

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