[WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: A Strange Voice Leads a Runner to a Body
[WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: A Strange Voice Leads a Runner to a Body
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Was a runner led to the victim's body by the dead in this NCIS episode? That's her claim, as "Voices" sees an NCIS person of interest in a bribery and fraud case found murdered after a strange voice leads her to his body. Plus, McGee and Delilah disagree on whether to find out their baby's sex.

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Watch the promo for "Voices":

See why McGee needs to buy Delilah flowers:

McGee learns that it's expensive to send flowers with same-day delivery, and when Bishop and Torres overhear him on the phone placing the order, they know he's in big trouble. McGee and Delilah got into a fight about learning the baby's sex, and Torres tells him he should be on Delilah's side since she's doing the heavy lifting. McGee tries to argue that he's doing some heavy lifting too, but his argument is definitely lacking. Poor McGee just wants to know the sex of his baby, pointing out that if they did know, they'd only fight over the name half as much.

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Check out a sneak peek of the case:

The victim wasn't military, but he was under investigation by one of their field offices. One day, he disappeared without a trace and no one knows what happened.

The runner tells McGee she heard a voice from the shed where the dead body is, which is something he can't tell Gibbs, so he has her explain it to the team. Is there an explanation for this that's not the victim's ghost calling to her? Hearing voices is a common auditory hallucination, which may or may not be associated with a mental health problem, Ducky suggests. However, Torres points out something led the runner to the victim's body. Then the runner tells them the victim is still talking.

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