Soap Star Leann Hunley to Guest Star on 'NCIS'
Soap Star Leann Hunley to Guest Star on 'NCIS'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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We reported previously that three-time Emmy winner Gena Rowlands was cast to bring hell to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) on NCIS as one of his mothers-in-law. Rowlands is set to play "upscale" Joanna, who will bring not-so-pleasant memories to Gibbs' very colorful love life sometime in March.

TV Guide reports that soap star Leann Hunley will piggyback on Rowlands' role, as the Days of our Lives star was cast to play young Joanna in flashback set in the 1980s. Both will reportedly appear on NCIS' March 2 episode that will also - get this - feature Harmon's own son Sean, playing a younger version of Gibbs.

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The March 2 episode will shed light on why there is all these animosity between the two.

"You will see that Joann is very angry at Gibbs for taking her daughter and grandchild away from her when his job is relocated," says Hunley, adding that the move even led to the murder of Gibbs' family by a Mexican drug dealer.

Hunley, 54, adds that the NCIS guest spot is a dream role for her, adding that she often saw herself as "Rowlands type."

 "When I first saw her in the '70s in A Woman Under the Influence, I thought, 'That woman looks like me! She has my eyes!'" she says. "Ever since, it's been my secret wish that I might play her some day. But, seriously, what were the chances?"

Source: TV Guide
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