Pre-Season Finale Episode Airs Tonight on 'NCIS'
Pre-Season Finale Episode Airs Tonight on 'NCIS'
It's the second-to-the-last broadcast this season for Mark Harmon and the rest of CBS' NCIS.  Next week, the series concludes its current fifth season with a special two-part installment said to include the demise or departure of one of the regular cast members.

Before we find out who goes out with or without a bang, we are treated this week to another potentially nail-biting episode.

Tonight's offering entitled “About Face” finds Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard's assistant in danger from a mysterious assassin.  Jimmy Palmer, played by recurring cast member Brian Dietzen, becomes the target of the enigmatic killer, whose face only Jimmy can identify and recognize.

Tonight's guests on NCIS include John Hughes as Enis Watley Frank, Christopher Darga as Skip Harris, Adam O'Byrne as Mike Norman, Jacob Moore as Richie Rose Tyler and Scott Checansky as Milo Suskavcevic.  “About Face” also features the return of Rocky Carroll, who co-starred with NCIS lead star, Mark Harmon, years ago on the medical drama, Chicago Hope.  Carroll plays NCIS Assistant Director Leon Vance.

After tonight's NCIS, next week's double-header season finale promises to finally answer the question fans have been speculating about for weeks.  Since news first broke out that one of the show's mainstays is headed out of the series by the close of this season, there's been countless talk of which cast member it could be.

Most everyone believes NCIS will become a dead stick if it turns out to be Mark Harmon.  The overall sentiment seems to be that NCIS is synonymous to the handsome veteran actor.  After the “Internal Affairs” installment, it began to appear that Lauren Holly as NCIS Director Jenny Shepard could be it.

Only three more episodes – one tonight and two next week – remain before we learn the answer in what looks to be a season conclusion reminiscent of when Sasha Alexander as Kate Todd was killed off with a bullet right between the eyes at the end of season 2.

Catch “About Face” tonight on NCIS at 8.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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