'NCIS's Mark Harmon Honored With Star on Walk of Fame
'NCIS's Mark Harmon Honored With Star on Walk of Fame
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Yesterday was a special day for NCIS star Mark Harmon. The entire cast of the show came out to help celebrate the actor as he received a star on Hollywood's famous Walk of Fame.

Harmon's current hit TV series, NCIS, has just started its 10th season and the people he works with on a daily basis had a lot of great things to say about the actor as he received the honor. 

Variety reports that NCIS executive producer-showrunner Gary Glasberg had this to say, "There's an honor, focus and moral dedication that exists between the man, the actor and character. Mark's abilities and talent that have brought Gibbs to life. If there's any blurry line between the two, that's because Mark is that good of an actor."

Harmon is a family man and more playful than Gibbs is on the series, but like his character Harmon is also a principled man of integrity. Co-star Cote de Pablo said, "He was one of the first to say it's our duty, as a family, that when someone's having a bad day we need to carry them through. That kind of attitude is very team-oriented."

Apparently the dedication extends beyond cast and exec producers. De Pablo added, "Mark's the kind of guy who's very close to the crew. He never cuts the line. He always goes to the back of the line when he's getting lunch. If someone doesn't have a chair, he's always the first to offer his."

Co-star Rocky Carroll, who also worked with Harmon 15 years ago CBS's Chicago Hope, said  "Guys like Mark tend to hang around for decades because they have this everyman quality that's very relatable. You get that sense that he's a moral person who lives by his own standards, but has a true sense of right and wrong."

NCIS executive producer Charles Johnson said, "People like Mark amaze me because they work really hard at studying their characters. There's such an ease with him that he makes it look effortless." Director Tony Wharmy added, "He's one of the most committed professional actors I've ever worked with, and I've worked with quite a few; people like John Gielgud and Anthony Hopkins, and Mark's in that category."

Looks like the entire cast and crew love working with Harmon and feel that his star is well-earned. What do you think of the news of Harmon getting a star on the Walk of Fame?

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