'NCIS' Spoilers: McAbby News, Plus Meeting Young Abby in a Special Flashback Episode
'NCIS' Spoilers: McAbby News, Plus Meeting Young Abby in a Special Flashback Episode
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
NCIS may be on a mini hiatus for the holidays, but season 10 gets back underway on January 8. Until then, we've got some juicy spoilers to keep you happy during the long winter nights. 

Warning: The title says it all, spoilers are indeed ahead. Consider yourself warned. 

McAbby Moments?

I know some of you out there have been waiting and hoping for our favorite forensic scientist and a cute McAgent to get back together romantically. While I don't necessarily have news that the two will definitely be fanning the flames to their old love affair, I can say that Abby and McGee will have some important scenes together in an upcoming episode. 

TV Line reports that show boss Gary Glasberg says about the episode, "Plan on meeting McGee's dad, the Admiral, in a compelling, emotional story during February sweeps," he says. There, "Abby will be a comforting shoulder for McGee to lean on during tough times." 

Ooh, that sounds pretty interesting doesn't it? Even if you're not a McAbby fan, chances are you'll still enjoy the episode. 

Meet Little Abby!

But if news of some tender moments between McGee and Abby isn't for you, how about news that we're going to get to meet little Abby this season? TV Line reports that the hit CBS drama is planning a special Abby flashback episode for February sweeps where we'll get to meet the 10-year-old version of Abby. 

Apparently Glasberg had asked himself, "What kind of origin story could we do with Abby that would be a little different? And rather than look back at her first days of working at NCIS, I was more interested in, 'When did Abby first start develop an interest in forensics? And in people? In bodies, and in clues, things like that?' So we decided to go way back." We're going to learn a lot about Abby in the episode. "From clothing choices to her hair, how she carries herself, things that she says. there are lots of great little prizes in this episode," Glasberg promises longtime fans.

Actress Brighton Sharbino, a recent guest star on The New Normal, will guest star as young Abby.  Reportedly, Glasberg has referred to Sharbino as a "terrific young actress," and she has been spending time hanging out with Paulette, to pick up on the NCIS vet's mannerisms. 

Talk about the role of a lifetime. Getting to play the adult Abby already looks like fun, I can't imagine what a blast it must be to play her as a kid. 

So what do you think after hearing these spoilers? Which episode are you more excited to see, the one that promises some great McAbby moments or the one where we get to meet little Abby? Honestly, they both sound so good I'm having trouble deciding. 

NCIS airs on Tuesday nights at 8pm on CBS. 

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