'NCIS' Season 10 Finale Spoilers: Tony and Ziva Grow Closer Than Ever
'NCIS' Season 10 Finale Spoilers: Tony and Ziva Grow Closer Than Ever
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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It's hard to believe, but NCIS season 10 only has a few episodes left until we're given what I'm sure will be another fantastic season finale. Some finales have been explosive, while others have been more dramatic, but one thing they've all had in common is the ability to have fans waiting on the edge of their seats for more. Check out some spoilers about the finale, as well as the new Mossad director. 

Meet the new Mossad director

First up, we've got news about who will be taking over as Mossad director now that Ziva's father has sadly been killed. TVLine reports that Star Trek: TNG alum Marina Sirtis will be stepping in to fill those shoes. 

"The search to replace Eli David as Mossad Director was tricky for us, but we ended up with a true find in Marina Sirtis," showrunner Gary Glasberg says of the casting. "I've always been a Star Trek fan, but Marina really owns this part. And the cast loves her. She's everything I wanted for the role and then some. We are lucky to have her."

The story reported that Sirtis' first episode air sometime this month and though her name doesn't appear in the synopsis for this week's episode, we have to assume that she will appear either in that one or perhaps the next. Both center on Ziva seeking revenge for her father's murder so it would make sense that she would meet the new Mossad director during her hunt for justice. 

Ziva and Tony grow closer in ways we never saw coming


Next up, we had the tiniest tidbit about the NCIS season 10 finale. TVLine reports that the finale will center on Ziva and her search for revenge.  "I hope everyone's ready, because the sprint to the end of season starts now," showrunner Gary Glasberg teased. "Ziva is about to uncover a clue trail that will lead straight to her father's killer, put the integrity of the team at risk and bring her closer to Tony in ways we never saw coming."

Amazing how much can be said in just a few sentences. From Glasberg's comments, we know that Ziva and Tony will both play a big role in the season finale. Ziva is apparently going to not only track down, but find her father's killer and it looks like Tony will be right there by her side to help her get the revenge she wants. Something tells me that we're not going to get a quiet finale this year, but rather a nail-biting exciting one. 

What do you think about the news and spoilers we've just revealed about the last few episodes of NCIS season 10? Got any theories as to what exactly will happen between Tony and Ziva to bring them "closer in ways we never saw coming"?

NCIS airs on Tuesday nights at 8pm on CBS.

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