'NCIS' Recap: Ziva David Says Goodbye
'NCIS' Recap: Ziva David Says Goodbye
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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NCIS kicked off with a bang last week with the first part of Ziva's farewell. We found out that Secretary Jarvis was murdered by a soldier of fortune group called "The Brotherhood of Doubt." Gibbs was sent to Iran on a bogus mission to separate him from the NCIS team. The real kicker? Who comes to save Gibbs' life? Parsons. Yes, the man who has been doggedly trying to prosecute Gibbs. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is in danger, and Ziva is missing in Israel.

This week's episode, "Past, Present and Future," deals with Ziva's exit. I must admit that I am a "Tiva" fan and have been dreading this moment.

Find Ziva David

Tony arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel and is met by Mossad agents. He is taken to Mossad headquarters and is greeted by the very scary director and Adam, who Tony had sent to find and warn Ziva about the danger that she was in.

The Director of Mossad tells Tony that Ziva's father would have wanted her to keep Ziva safe, and Adam reveals that the three men found dead at the David family cabin are hired guns. Reluctantly, Tony shows the picture of Ziva and Ari that she had sent to him two nights before. Adam shares that a woman matching Ziva's description was seen at a kibbutz that she went to as a child. The woman had buried something in the garden -- a list written in Ziva's handwriting. Several were written when she was a child, but the most recent ink saturation was a quote: "Stop this for him."

Meet the New Secretary

Meanwhile, Vance calls Gibbs and Agent Fornell in to meet with Secretary Sarah Porter, who is Jarvis' replacement. She seems to be a no-nonsense type of girl and wants to hear about "The Brotherhood of Doubt." They discuss how Mendez, who is on the board of an American anti-terrorism group, can link the terrorist Parsa to the new terror cell. Mendez is loath to accept protective custody, but Gibbs convinces him to let Fornell guard him. Fornell is, understandably, overjoyed at the prospect.

Ghosts of the Past

Adam takes Tony to see the apartment where Ziva grew up, and they meet Dr. Deena Bashan. Bashan and Ziva grew up together in that same building.

Bashan recognizes the document that Ziva buried at the kibbutz as their "wills."  Bashan last saw Ziva at Eli David's funeral and tells Tony that she spoke of him. Ziva's friend theorizes that maybe Tony is the "him" referred to in the letter.

Tony and McGee share some of their trademark banter (love it!) when McGee sends Tony the address of the Internet cafe that Ziva was at when she sent the picture of her and her brother.

Abby's Insight

Abby, in her infinite scientific wisdom, thinks something is not quite right with the trajectory of the bullets fired into Tony's apartment. Gibbs asks her to "Beam it up" to McGee, and when Abby calls him "Captain Kirk," Gibbs doesn't get the reference. Hilarious! The lone witness' testimony doesn't fit with the team's research. They think that the shots were fired from the top floor of the building, not the roof. Homeland didn't speak with one tenant, and when the NCIS team arrives, they find her dead. Ducky is excited that the victim was eye gouged by her killer, which may have left thumbprints on her contact lenses.

Abby finds a partial thumbprint, and it comes back to Henry Coldwell, who was dishonorably discharged and -- wait for it -- had sniper training. Abby is overwhelmed with worry after all the recent events, and Gibbs reassures her that they will catch the members of "The Brotherhood of Doubt."

Treating Ziva's Wounds

Tony and the Director of Mossad conclude that Ziva may have sought medical attention at the hospital, which is located across the street from the Internet cafe. They pull surveillance images and see that Ziva was there and was talking to Dr. Bashan.

Tony catches up with Dr. Bashan, who tells her that she brought Ziva back to her apartment to rest. When Ziva started to speak about Ari, Bashan confessed that Ari was going to propose to her when Ziva killed him. Bashan, unable to forgive Ziva, tells Tony that if another agent had come to the door, she would have told him the truth. In her pain, Bashan decides that Ziva should not get the man that she loves since she took away her true love, Ari.

Back at Mossad headquarters, the director tells Tony they believe that Ziva is missing voluntarily, and she gives him a file with the names of David family contacts. Inside the file is Ziva's Star of David necklace.

Adventures in Babysitting

When Mendez and Fornell go the hospital to see a dying man, Walters, who wants to make a donation, Mendez pauses to answer his cell phone, and part of the hospital is rocked by an explosion. That has a nasty habit of happening, doesn't it?

Following Ziva's Trail

Tony has been gone for six months looking for Ziva. Gibbs and McGee chat with him about his serious beard. Gibbs is frustrated by Tony's refusal to give up on finding her, telling him that he cannot find her if she doesn't want to be found. Gibbs signs off, and when Tony closes his laptop, he turns to speak to someone. It is Ziva! Tony says that he should have told Gibbs the truth. Ziva is angry and wants to know why Tony is there. She doesn't want to confront her old life.

Tony gives Ziva her necklace back. He tenderly tells her that he finally realized that she was re-visiting the places from her past, and he finally caught up with her in the house where she was born. Ziva is facing the demons of her past actions, and for every man that she killed, she left behind someone grieving for him. Tony gives her the paper that she buried. He wants her to start over with a new list and offers to help her with that one.

The Truth About Mendez

Gibbs meets with Wayne, and the only information that Wayne can give is that the text messages came from a Florida area code, not Arizona. Gibbs is attacked from behind when going to his car, and there is a violent struggle. McGee takes a look at the thug's phone and is able to trace the Florida numbers back to Mendez. McGee tries to call Fornell, but he and Mendez are on the way to see Walters about that large donation. Wayne and Gibbs meet up again when Wayne confronts someone who works for Mendez. Wayne is wounded, but tells Gibbs that Mendez is approaching and to kill him.

Gibbs slips behind the sniper rifle and shoots Mendez. Fornell is collateral damage and takes a bullet in his behind. 

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Love and Goodbyes

Ziva and Tony re-bury her list in an olive grove. The first thing on her new list is to let go of the badge, but Tony begs her to return to DC with him. She gently takes Tony's face in her hands and stares intently into his eyes.

At the airport, Ziva tells Tony that she is starting over to honor Gibbs ("Stop this for him.") Ziva needs to follow her heart and do this alone. Tony and Ziva finally kiss after she tells him that he is loved. On the plane, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out her necklace. It is so heartbreaking!

Gibbs answers his phone, and it is Ziva. All in all, a good ending to her story, but I wish that this NCIS episode had more Ziva in it.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.
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