'NCIS' Recap: 'The Inside Man' - Dogs, Bird Poo Snipers, and Dead Bloggers
'NCIS' Recap: 'The Inside Man' - Dogs, Bird Poo Snipers, and Dead Bloggers
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Looks like Gibbs is still giving Ziva the cold shoulder at the start of NCIS tonight. Poor Ziva is still not given the clearance to do field work so she's stuck in the NCIS office. It's obvious she isn't too fond of staying indoors but since the case is about a blogger, maybe it's time to rethink the uselessness of being in your desk.

When the Ziva is away, the DiNozzo will play. And Tony espies a lovely detective in the crime scene, and she's wearing a scarf. Soon, someone joins in on the "awkward" conversation and raises the possibility of an NCIS cover-up because the blogger released an expose alleging an NCIS cover-up of a murder (that they concluded to be an accident).

Now they have no choice but to reopen the case of the marine in question, and Abby is pissed that they have to go over everything because of the "dead creepy blogger" who's spreading rumors (later on, we'll get to see a very angry Abby too). True enough, Ziva found out that the "creepy dead blogger" is wont to post unverified stuff or outright lies.

However, going forward, it's Gibbs who find out something they didn't discover before, and true enough, there were more things involved, namely insider trading and a very rich deli person. So the NCIS team did blow the investigation? Weirdly, though some evidence still point to the direction of accident.

And then the twist. When Ducky and Abby exhumes the body of Arnett (that's the dead Marine) - there is no body. Then we find out where the mug shots are from. Tony and McGee, on a sly, try to get to an evidence from Metro's custody, which have since taken over the case because of obvious conflict of interest, sort of.

Thanks to their data, though, the connections between the dead blogger, the sandwich guy, and the dead Marine are made, and the two are out of jail in no time. Meanwhile, Ziva emails her father that she's quitting Mossad. She wants to be an NCIS agent, but Gibbs isn't so sure if it's even possible. Now will he sign Ziva's papers or not, that's the question we'll answer next week.

Other points of interest:
1.    Abby's, er, coffin
2.    McGee's bird poop sniper bullet
3.    Potential love interest for McGee - the polygraph girl? "I came in early - just for you," plus the requisite batting of the eyelashes. "Are you in a committed relationship?"
4.    Tony's favorite sandwich and McGee's fear of dogs
5.    The NCIS can actually make a mistake? For real?

- Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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