'NCIS' Recap: Keeping 'Secrets'
'NCIS' Recap:  Keeping 'Secrets'
This episode of NCIS is all about real-life superheroes. A quick Google search tells me this is not as far-fetched a premise as I first assume. People actually dress up in costumes and fight crime, albeit with fewer cool toys than Batman.

A Funeral Arrangement

A flower shop owner is listening to customer orders after hours on an answering machine while his Navy Captain friend waits for him. First, who still has a physical answering machine? Second, do people still order flowers over the phone? I thought the internet had the market cornered on that.

A threatening message is heard, then two shots ring out. Both men are dead. This probably wouldn't have happened if he was looking over online orders. At least it might be a little less creepy.

Supercharged Superheroes

The victims spent their free time playing real-life superhero. Crime was so bad in their neighborhood that they and some others decided dressing up and going after building code violators would be a good way to clean up the neighborhood. I get the wanting to protect the neighborhood part, but are the tights really necessary? Wouldn't a nice pair of track pants be more comfortable (and practical)?

Digging Up Dirt

Tony's ex-fiancee appears as a reporter with professional ties to one of the victims. Gibbs assigns Tony to be her department liaison during the investigation. While the argument could be made that Gibbs does this to help Tony work some stuff out, I think it's more for his own amusement.

Of course, Tony and Wendy spar and make out. And we find out that Wendy did the leaving all those years ago because she wasn't ready to find 'The One.' I don't know if I believe that line, but I do believe that Tony isn't the one who left. He also clearly deserves better than a pseudo-Lois Lane type who's all sharp angles and no potential for warmth.

Follow the Money

The case ends with a lackluster whimper. A real estate developer is systematically eliminating all of the real-life superheroes so the crime rates will go back up and property values will go back down. Buy low, sell high and all of that. For such a high concept premise, I was hoping for a more spectacular resolution. This would have been a fun way to introduce a new super villain.

This episode was really an excuse to throw Tony back together with his ex-fiancee. This is a bad move because I see NO chemistry there. Zero. Did they do that on purpose so we would clamor for more Tiva? Whatever the reason, if I see Wendy again it'll be too soon. She adds nothing, which is unfortunate because the potential was there for Tony to have an interesting storyline.

Crystal Waters
Contributing Writer

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