'NCIS' Recap: Bishop Starts as a Probie
'NCIS' Recap: Bishop Starts as a Probie
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last time on NCIS, Bishop revealed a secret about her past connection to the terrorist Benham Parsa. Not only is she the NSA's Parsa expert, but she also had past contact with him. When Gibbs and Bishop went to an aircraft carrier to interrogate the captured Parsa, he locked himself in the brig alone with Bishop. Before Parsa could carry out his plan to murder her, Gibbs shot him. Back at headquarters, Gibbs offered Bishop a job as a probationary agent. Welcome aboard (officially), Bishop!

In this week's episode of NCIS, "Bulletproof," the team tries to track down faulty bulletproof vests that may have been sent to military members overseas.

Welcome, Probie!

The show opens with two young men tagging inside a building. When one throws his backpack out the window, it causes an accident with a truck.

Meanwhile, at the gym, Bishop is undergoing her federal agent training with some hand to hand combat while Tony and McGee watch. Poor McGee is still upset that he has lost his top scores in all the training categories because they changed the scoring system. This dynamic duo is also there to inform a sweaty Bishop that they have a case and that Gibbs is waiting in the car. They also give her an NCIS cap and call her "probie."

At the scene of the truck accident, the team discovers stolen civilian and marine rifles and body armor, but no driver. McGee and Tony are excited when they realize that they get to have Bishop do the grunt work. She, of course, is less than enthralled by her new title of "probie."

Faulty Equipment

At the lab, Abby confirms that all the vests in the truck are missing their national stock number, which traces back to the manufacturer. Abby's tests reveal that the vests are faulty, and that pieces from the ceramic plates shatter when hit by a bullet and launch shards into the soldier's body. Someone is trying to sell the defective vests, but who?

McGee is talking to Delilah on the phone. She wants to come by the office and thank everyone for taking down Parsa, but she is self-conscious about being seen in her wheelchair. Gibbs and Tony urge McGee not to avoid dealing with Delilah's feelings.

Hoping for Jail

The team didn't find any fingerprints on the backpack, but Tony relishes showing a picture of Bishop grimacing as she climbed up the side of the building. Apparently, Bishop is not a fan of heights, confined spaces or dirt. Bishop asks if this is also part of the hazing, but Gibbs tells her it is just part of the job.

They also discuss finding senior class notes from Columbia North High School. When the teacher identifies the student's handwriting, Bishop and Tony head off to pick up the student.

Tony has a chat with Chris Valley and Chris Hoffman, who admit that they had the backpack. They also want Tony to arrest them so they can go to a jail for a few nights, which should improve their college application essays and their scholarship chances. Hilarious! Tony tells them if they can help identify the driver, he can arrange for a few hours in a holding cell. The driver was a large man wearing a shirt with the logo from the gun show being held at the fairgrounds.

Gun Shows and Care Packages

Bishop and Tony go to the gun show to take a peek around. Bishop also confesses that at the gun training simulation, she shot the cardboard mother and baby because she thought the baby was a gun wrapped in a towel. She asks Tony to keep her secret.

They are approached by Fay Gussman, who runs the show. When Tony shows her a picture of the truck, she says that the driver wanted to sell goods at the show, but she turned him away because he didn't have any permits. Gussman identifies the man as Corey Ruxin.

Bishop spies some more body armor, and they meet Karen, who runs Home in Your Hands Foundation, which donates five pre-packed care packages to troops overseas for every pack that is purchased. The packages can even be customized to include body armor. The vests that Karen has are military grade but sold on the civilian market, and the manufacturer is different than the faulty vests.

Palmer's Good News

When the team goes to bring in Ruxin, they find him dead in his apartment. Ducky thinks that the first shot was from a distance but the next two shots were up close. Palmer has been uncharacteristically quiet, and Ducky tells him to share his news. Palmer is bursting with excitement because the birth mother officially signed the adoption papers. Congratulations, Palmer!

Abby confronts the inspector, Benson Honeycutt, who works for the company Dearborn Dynamic Systems, which manufactured the faulty vests. She is angry, and he wants to wait anywhere other than in the lab. He reveals that they knew about the manufacturing defect and had marked that batch for destruction. Gibbs arrives, and he is also in an unforgiving mood.
Abby does a search on the company and discovers that two years ago, there was a combat zone mishap report involving Marine Sergeant Freddie Linn, who was paralyzed from the waist down.

Letting It Go

Gibbs and McGee go to meet with Linn, who has them go to an empty field. While they are waiting, they see Linn parachute in with another man. Linn started a skydiving company after his injury. He was shot in the back in a fire fight in Kabul, and his body armor did shatter, but he stresses that he has no way of knowing whether the armor caused his spinal injury. Linn reluctantly tells Gibbs that his body armor was a gift from his mother. McGee asks Linn how he was able to finally accept his condition, and Linn states that you don't -- you choose to move on.

Knock on Wood

In autopsy, Ducky, Palmer and Abby determine that Linn's body armor was from the same bad batch. Abby is chewing on a bubble gum cigar that Breena bought when they decided to adopt. Abby is furious, and adds to Palmer's fear of celebrating the happy news prematurely by ordering him to knock on wood.

Linn's mother, Malory Linn, arrives with a group of other mothers who also sent their children extra body armor. McGee is shocked to find out that Delilah is at NCIS to visit. Bishop runs in with some new information on the case.

Mrs. Linn didn't recall sending a vest because it was part of a care package from Home in Your Hands Foundation, which is the same charity organization that was at the gun show.

Holding the Bag

Tony and Bishop watch Karen Upline as she waits in her car. Another vehicle pulls up and hands her a paper bag. Tony and Bishop are surprised to see that the bag contains tampons, which Karen says she was getting to send in a care package. Gibbs confronts the woman and alleges that she sold the faulty vests and pocketed the rest of the money. Karen, who comes from a military family, bought the vests from Ruxpin but claims she didn't know they were faulty.

Delilah and her DOD contacts are able to notify units about the faulty vests, except for one unit that is in Afghanistan and out of radio contact. Members of this unit also received packages from the charity.

Profit and Loss

McGee notices that Honeycutt's company actually made money when the vests were supposed to be destroyed. Gibbs confronts Honeycutt about how the recycling company was paying Honeycutt's company for the contract. Honeycutt states that the recycling company was supposed to sell the raw materials in the vest. It turns out that Fay Gussman owns the recycling company. Honeycutt breaks down and states that Gussman called him after the faulty vests were found in the crash about tying up "loose ends." Gibbs orders Honeycutt to call Gussman to stage a meeting.

When Gussman sees NCIS driving up, she retreats to her trailer and opens fire. Gussman opens the door and collapses while still wearing the faulty body armor. Meanwhile, Bishop is also shot in the exchange but is thankfully wearing the military armor.

Delilah comes to tell McGee that the marine unit in Afghanistan made it back safely. Bishop is once again saddled with a pile of paperwork while nursing her bruised ribs. Delilah asks Gibbs if McGee can take her home, and McGee tells his boss he may be gone for a little while. McGee takes his girlfriend to see Linn skydiving. An adventurous Delilah thanks McGee and then asks him to skydive with her.

I really liked this week's episode of NCIS, especially all the parts of Bishop's "hazing," and the ending with McGee and Delilah.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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