NCIS: Preview of Episode 7.17 "Double Identity"
NCIS: Preview of Episode 7.17 "Double Identity"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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As is perhaps readily obvious from the title, there's a case of double identity on tonight's episode of NCIS. A Marine gets shot, but it appears that he's either living a double life or else is very playful with the women. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team investigate the shooting and uncovers more to his life than anyone would have ever imagined.

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Last episode of NCIS delved into Gibbs' past, when his former mother-in-law was embroiled in the murder of a marine. As it turned out, Joan's role was far more significant than witness and fiance of the victim, and it was painful and difficult for Gibbs to handle the case being so emotionally close to the subject.

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The ever unpopular attorney also made an appearance, this time bold enough to call her little visit at Gibbs' a "date." Speaking of which, Harmon has possibly hinted at something involving this hard-nosed attorney at the recent Paley Fest.

Harmon said, "Whatever [fans may be] thinking, they're wrong, it is never the obvious on this show."

He also dispelled rumors that his numbers on NCIS are numbered.

"I have no plans to leave. I have a contract with significant more time on it. But that may not stop the producers from getting rid of me if they think that best serves the story or the show. But I have no plans to take myself out of the game," he said.

Other major revelations, including Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva's (Cote de Pablo) little Paris rendezvous, can be found here.

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