'NCIS' Preview Clip 'Recovery': How is Everyone After The Bombing?
'NCIS' Preview Clip 'Recovery': How is Everyone After The Bombing?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
NCIS Season 10 continues tomorrow night in an episode called 'Recovery.' In the preview clip released by CBS, we find out that everyone on the team is still having a rough time getting back to normal after the bombing. 

Palmer is still trying to fit into Ducky's big-boy shoes

I am so happy that Palmer is getting such a great chance to shine. He's been studying under Ducky for years and it's about time we get to see what he can really do on his own. In the video, we see that Palmer is continuing to act as lead Medical Examiner for the team. I'm sure he's doing a great job, but when Ducky arrives on the scene, we also see that Palmer may have a few things yet to learn. It's a nice little moment as it shows that Palmer does know his job, but proves that Ducky is still the teacher. 

Is that tension I see between Tony and Ziva?

Tony treats Palmer like he would any other member of the team, teasing to keep him on his toes. Personally I think that it's one of the only ways Tony knows how to show affection and he's done it with every single person on the team, even Gibbs at times. So why did it seem like Ziva snapped extra hard at Tony for giving Palmer a hard time? After what we saw between them in the elevator during the explosion, I would've thought that they'd be closer than ever, but maybe things have now turned awkward. Or it could be that I'm reading way too much into a five-second exchange. 

Ducky is back, but not everyone is happy to see him

I smiled when I saw Ducky show up on the crime scene and though he may have grumbled, I'm sure Gibbs felt the same way, too. Like Tony, Gibbs has a different way of showing affection and his is to grumble. I think he's just trying to make sure that his friend is genuinely healed before coming back to work, and who can blame him? But I also sympathize with Ducky as I'm sure being forced to stay home and do nothing but golf and swim, especially with a quick mind like his, must be driving him crazy. So one has to wonder, will Ducky heed Gibbs' advice and take it easy or is there a chance that he may push himself too far?

What do you think after seeing the clip of NCIS episode 'Recovery'?

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