'NCIS' Premiere Recap: A Death in the Family
'NCIS' Premiere Recap: A Death in the Family
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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NCIS is finally back! Last season, we saw Richard Parsons, a Department of Defense IG Investigator, come after Gibbs. Rear Admiral A.J. Chegwidden (JAG) answered Vance's call to defend Gibbs. Vance also learned that the CIA killed Arash Kazmi and framed Ilan Bodnar to distract the Israeli and Iranian governments.

Ziva, Tony and McGee turned in their badges to protect their mentor. When the indictment was tossed out, Homeland Chief Morrow made Gibbs an offer: all the charges will disappear if Gibbs will assist in a covert mission. The season ended with Gibbs behind a sniper's rifle, but who is in the crosshairs?

This week's premiere episode of NCIS, titled "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," will also focus on Ziva David, since Cote de Pablo is exiting the series. How will Ziva leave, and how will it affect the whole team?

The Big Bang

We start out four months in the past, and Parsons approaches Morrow and wants to meet with both him and Secretary Jarvis, who is waiting inside the hotel ballroom. Parsons learns that Secretary Jarvis and the Director of the CIA also agree that Gibbs' mission takes precedence. Parsons tells Morrow that he will get to the bottom of what is going on. As Parsons turns to leave, there is a huge explosion after Morrow enters the building. Secretary of the Navy Jarvis is killed in the explosion.

Gibbs enters NCIS and orders the team to work while he meets with Vance and Captain Wayne. Intelligence believes that a new terror cell is active, and that this is just the first strike. This incident could also be related to the death of Navy Lieutenant McBride. His radioactive head was shipped back to the United States from Iran, and the NCIS team was in the process of investigating that crime when Parsons came after Gibbs. JSOC will handle the investigation, and Gibbs can assist because no one will expect his involvement. It is sort of genius, really.

Ziva and Tony

Tony awakens to hear Ziva's voice coming over his computer. He misses the live face to face, but they message each other. Ziva is in Tel Aviv. She lets Tony know that she is thinking about him, and what has happened to the Secretary of the Navy. Tony asks Ziva if she would like company, and she says that she would. Tony tells her he is on his way, and the conversation abruptly ends.

Terror Ties to America

McGee learns from Delilah that the device used in the hotel bombing was American, not Middle Eastern. Abby comes to the coffee shop to let McGee know that Gibbs is headed out of town. When Abby asks if Delilah can be trusted, she responds that she has a higher clearance than both of them. Abby is not pleased and heads back to the lab without divulging Gibbs's destination. Awkward!

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Postcards from Iran

Gibbs arrives in Iran and is waiting to meet with Captain Wayne's contact in an open air market. Gibbs walks around a corner as gunfire erupts. A jeep pulls up, and Parsons calls for Gibbs to jump in. Parsons tells him that, after the Secretary of the Navy was killed, he knew that Gibbs was next and wanted to warn him. Parsons tells him that he is going to save his life, and that NCIS is being set up. He states that sending Gibbs to Iran was about getting him away from his team, who are still in danger. Parsons shows him a picture of McBride's coworker, a Lieutenant Kagen of JSOC.

Who Are You?

Ducky arrives in autopsy and sees a man standing with his back to him at the computer. Realizing that he is not Palmer, Ducky confronts him and is knocked to the ground. While the mystery man is attacking Palmer, Ducky hits him over the head with a steel bowl and tells Palmer to tie him up. Way to take charge, Ducky!

Kagen tells Gibbs and Parsons that McBride's mission was cancelled and he arranged his own transport to go home. Meanwhile, Tony bids farewell to his goldfish Kate while waiting to head out to the airport. Ziva texts him and asks where he is, and wishes him a safe flight. A split second later, bullets hurtle through Tony's window.

Vance meets with Tony at the office, and Tony reveals that he has let Ziva know that he has been delayed. Instead of a protection detail, Tony asks if he can hang out at NCIS.

Terror, Thy Name is Parsa

The guy that Ducky beat up, former FBI agent Victor Cheng, is hired to access information about the Secretary of the Navy from the computer system. Vance then fields a call from Gibbs and Parsons that they think that McBride actually was killed in the United States and someone wanted to make it look like he was killed in Iran.

Tony calls McGee and tells him to ditch his cell and take a cab to NCIS. McGee is blocked in by an official vehicle, and Agent Fornell hops out and orders him to get in the car. Vance, Tony, McGee and Fornell meet in Tony's apartment. Fornell says that a terrorist named Benham Parsa has taken credit for killing Secretary Jarvis. Parsa has been arranging business deals between American companies and terrorists.

Fornell reveals that Morrow has known about Parsa from day one. Vance confronts Morrow, and it isn't pretty. Morrow tells Vance that Ziva is the next target.

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Gibbs is Back

Gibbs returns, and McGee and Tony nearly faint when Parsons walks in. Gibbs gives him a hearty "back slap" and informs his team that Parsons is working with them. When Parsons tries to enter the lab, Abby closes the security door. Abby reluctantly allows Parsons in to the lab, but he is not allowed to speak. Abby's scientific wizardry has revealed that McBride was murdered in Arizona. Tony and McGee receive their badges again. Tony calls on Adam, Ziva's friend and former lover, to find her without compromising her safety.

Fornell and Gibbs are chasing down information on McBride's commanding officer, Captain Wayne of JSOC. Fornell and Gibbs confront Wayne at his home and tell him that McBride had written to his wife when his orders were cancelled. Of course, this is a trick, and Captain Wayne confesses that he was blackmailed to change the orders.

The Arizona Connection

Tomas Mendez, who works on the public anti-terrorism coalition, meets Gibbs in Vance's office. Mendez has been working with Homeland and says that Parsa is renting an apartment in Miami. Mendez also owns property in Arizona. Vance informs Mendez that they think that whoever is calling the shots in the terrorist cell is working out of Arizona.

In the NCIS elevator, Parsons gives Tony a file with information about a farmhouse in Israel that Eli David secretly owns. Abby and Ducky are able to link the shrapnel from Secretary Jarvis to a soldier of fortune group called "The Brotherhood of Doubt," which is based in Yuma, Arizona. The FBI finds the place where McBride was killed. They find pictures on the wall of the group's targets, including Mendez and the NCIS team.

Ziva was Here

Adam goes to the farmhouse and finds three dead men, and Ziva's Star of David necklace hanging from the frame of a photo of Ziva and her father. Tony hears his computer, and finds a photo of Ziva and her brother, as Tony murmurs, "Where are you, Ziva?"

Tune in next week for the second part of Ziva's farewell.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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