'NCIS' High Five: 'Baltimore'
'NCIS' High Five: 'Baltimore'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of NCIS, "Baltimore."

High Five Highlights:

1. The Port-to-Port Killer seems to have claimed another victim as Gibbs and the team are called out to a scene with a strikingly similar M.O.

2. The case becomes personal for Tony when he recognizes the victim as his former Baltimore P.D. partner, Danny Price. Tony and Gibbs worry their friends and family are in danger.

3. Ducky gets an e-mail from Abby informing him of a typo in one of his internal reports. Due to this typo, Ducky recognizes there is a difference between this case and the Port-to-Port cases. The knot used in this murder was the one in Ducky's mistyped report, not the one used by the real Port-to-Port Killer. The team has a copycat on their hands!

4. After finding his lost cell phone, Tony retrieves a voice mail left by Danny from two days before. Using this and the new evidence of a copycat, the team discovers the killer is in fact Tony and Danny's former boss at the Baltimore Police Department, Major Raimey. He had killed Danny to prevent him from telling authorities about the Major's involvement in a money laundering operation he had also been involved in.

5. After talking to each other, Ducky and Abby realize that it was not Abby who sent the e-mail to Ducky; it was actually the Port-to-Port Killer tipping them off!


1. Although briefly mentioned, there was no headway made this episode in regards to the eyeball that was found in a recent episode. Knowing the eye is able to open MTAC, whose eyeball do you think it is?

2. After realizing the e-mail came from the Port-to-Port Killer, the team now knows that the killer has access to their internal files. Did the real Port-to-Port Killer make a mistake by tipping the team off about the knot inconsistency, revealing the copycat?

The Last Word:

The episode included flashbacks to the last case that Tony worked with B.P.D. Homicide. He and his partner worked the murder of a Naval officer involved in money laundering. The case introduces Tony and Danny to Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS, as we find out Tony left Baltimore P.D. after learning his partner, Danny, was a dirty cop. The episode ends with the first ever head slap as Gibbs leaves Tony standing in front of the agent application office at NCIS.

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