'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Mother's Day Recap
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Mother's Day Recap
He died in her arms.

"Mother's Day" introduces us to Leroy Jethro Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) ex-mother-in-law Joanne Fielding (Gena Rowlands). She was present at the fatal shooting of a Navy Captain. Now Gibbs and his team have to determine who shot him and to what extent was a member of Gibbs' family involved.

I was musing on a few questions myself. Here are some things that struck me.

Ziva David said 'every girl knows her ring size just in case'.  She's a size five. Who was she sharing that information with, Tony DiNozzo or the attractive detective? Do you know your ring size? I don't but then again I've been married a LONG time.

Jimmy Palmer and the embalmer have a date. (You've got to love the way that rhymes.) I hope he wasn't trying to embalm himself with that dreadful cologne. Who would listen to all Dr. Mallard's stories?

Gibbs calls attorney M. Allison Hart to protect his ex-mother-in law from... him? She drops by Gibbs' home. We know it isn't the first time. Looks like it won't be the last either.

Ziva and Tony are dispatched to Arizona together. Why send one agent when two can fly? I wondered about the timeline. A hot day in Arizona is like winter in Israel. Wasn't it winter in Arizona too? Maybe we are into spring on the show?

Imagine Gibbs screwing up an arrest. I was shocked, (she said winking). Such a huge blunder should have earned him a dressing down from Director Leon Vance, don't you think? 

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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