'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Milestones and Families
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Milestones and Families
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You may not have noticed but "Flesh and Blood" was a significant episode for NCIS. We met Tony DiNozzo's father, the forever-cool Robert Wagner. But there was another reason the episode was noteworthy.

"Flesh and Blood" marked the 150th NCIS episode. This is no small feat. This is the top rated show's seventh season. Many shows never make it that far and are shuffled around to other time slots. (Just ask Conan O'Brien.) Sometimes cast members find themselves replaced for the sake of ratings. (Again, ask Conan.)

But seriously...

For the most part NCIS has been left intact. There was the loss of Special Agent Caitlin Todd and Director Jenny Shepard. Naval Criminal Investigative Service is a dangerous job. Sometimes an agent is shot. Sometimes they die.

NCIS is consistently a ratings winner averaging 21 million viewers each week and landing it in the top five most watched shows.

Beside 150 entertaining episodes NCIS has shared family moments with us.

We have met Leroy Jethro Gibbs' father, Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard's mother, Tim McGee's sister and the family of Director Leon Vance. Ziva David's father has figured prominently in the series. Now we know Tony DiNozzo's Dad. 

Seems like the only member of the NCIS team we haven't met is the family of Abby Sciuto. Perhaps another time.

In an emotionally telling moment Director Vance asked Ducky how his mother was. Not very well as it turns out. Mrs. Mallard's Alzheimer's is getting worse. Ducky says she sees the hands of the clock going backwards.

Tony's father had a tense moment with Gibbs.

"Do you have children Agent Gibbs?" DiNozzo Sr. challenged.

"I did," Gibbs answers solemnly.

Fictional characters have fictional families. The associations and relationships however are like those of our own families. We celebrate the good times and sorrow at the bad ones.

Together families create their own milestones.

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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