'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Michael Weatherly Gives Fans a Storm Warning
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Michael Weatherly Gives Fans a Storm Warning
Will lightning strike on NCIS?

Michael Weatherly has made the morning talk show circuits in New York. He appeared on The Early Show and Live With Regis and Kelly. He also sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about his contract and the fate of one of the characters.

On The Early Show Michael sported a bit of scruff, which wasn't bad looking at all. Dressed in a suit and looking very DiNozzo he told Harry Smith season eight was like a dream. The show has become more popular each season. He was afraid he'll wake up and they would be filming season two.

Tony is a grown frat boy something Weatherly hopes won't alter. He said the rules of television are that characters don't change. You need one character to play off another.

"I have far too much fun going to work every day and playing (DiNozzo)." Weatherly said.

That fun shows in his performance on screen every week. Who but Michael Weatherly could play Tony with his terrible jokes, teasing and movie references?

Couldn't they just replace him with another actor? It's been done before. Rosanne changed daughters. It was done on Bewitched. Soap operas do it.

But this is NCIS not Doctor Who. DiNozzo will not suddenly regenerate into a person with Tony's personality in a different body.

"Now playing the part of Anthony DiNozzo..." Weatherly laughed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

So how is his contract negotiation going? The 'Upfronts' are coming soon. At the 'Upfronts' networks trod out their brand new and returning shows to advertisers. The cast members for the old and new shows make an appearance. Will Weatherly be there?

"But I am 100 percent confident that the people in charge of negotiating these things, which would be my representatives as well as the network, will come to some accord -- and probably sooner rather than later as Upfronts are coming up. Coming up front," he replied with a smile.

A character is supposed to die. You know that if you read EW's Ausiello. Caitlin Todd died and fans didn't get a 'heads up' about it. I know I didn't see it coming.

Weatherly compares this season's finale to her demise.

"If you watched every episode this season and paid attention, you've seen the cloud coming and the last three episodes, the air gets humid and it's like thunder clouds. I would put it on par with that season 2 ending where Sasha Alexander's character, Caitlin, got killed. That was more about a lightning strike with no thunder," Weatherly commented.

I'll need to watch my recordings again. So far I'm not seeing it. I do know about Leroy Jethro Gibbs' connection with Mexico. It goes much deeper than cerveza and Mike Franks.

M. Allison Hart also has a tie to Mexico. Colonel Bell was imprisoned there and Ms Hart got him out of jail.

But enough about Mexico, what about Tony? Will we see him next fall? Please share Michael.

"Yeah, and even as far as those negotiations go, they must be very busy because I just haven't heard anything," he laughed.

Well that is more than unhelpful. Here we are hoping for inside news. Not funny.

Weatherly did mention something about this season's final episode. Does someone die and does Gibbs make a 'life changing decission'?

"That is true. And another one is injured. What's interesting on NCIS are the allegiances, and everyone is loyal to Gibbs and unquestioning of the decisions that he makes," Weatherly admitted.

There's the thunder. The dark clouds are gathering and fans will have to ride out the storm with our favorite characters. Bring your umbrellas. And watch for the lightning.

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-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist