'NCIS' Fan Columnist: 'Jurisdiction' Recap
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: 'Jurisdiction' Recap
"Jurisdiction" is a trip through the looking glass.

It's said everyone has a double somewhere. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has met his.

The investigation involves Navy Master Diver Lt. Michael Jensen who washes up on a beach. The body isn't Jensen, however. It's a famous financially embattled heart surgeon. The desperate doctor skimmed millions from his corporate accounts. He hired Jensen to dive for Spanish gold. Jensen killed him so that he and the doctor's duplicitous wife could take the money. 

This proves one of Tony DiNozzo's favorite theories: The wife did it.

NCIS has to share jurisdiction with Coast Guard Investigative Services (CGIS).  Abigail Borin (Diane Neal) is lead agent. She's assured, doles out head slaps and has gut feelings. She has a probie who is very Tim McGee-ish and a forensic scientist who is like Abby Sciuto.

A character meeting their mirror image isn't a new concept. It's the topic of fan fiction. I like fan fiction myself, so I'm not saying the episode wasn't pleasing. It was. I particularly enjoyed these moments.

Abigail Borin asked Gibbs to call her Abby. Gibbs told her that wasn't going to happen. Well, of course not. There's only one 'Abby.'

CGIS has the authority to force planes to land. Gibbs was envious. He asked if they could really do that. Yes they can. Score one for the 'little sister' organization.

Abby lost her mojo. Caf-Pow had altered their formula ala New Coke, and it was playing merry hell with her system. She was back on her game when Caf-Pow returned to the old formula.

Finally, Tony DiNozzo's favorite murder theory is proven. The wife actually did it. He had to be right sometime, didn't he?

Tony and Ziva David share a classic silent movie, soda and popcorn. It's Friday night and their dates both canceled. Sure they did. Tony says that Ziva has no friends. She points out that Tony is her friend. Did we all notice the look she was giving him?

I wonder if Gibbs and Borin could share more than a crime scene. Can two people that similar be more than investigative partners? It's something to reflect upon.

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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