'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Is The Relationship Over?
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Is The Relationship Over?
Tony DiNozzo breaking up with Tim McGee? Say it isn't so!

Ziva David thinks their 'man-mance' has hit the 'seven-year bitch'. Uh, that's itch Ziva. Tony is annoyed by Tim's little habits. He picks every sprinkle off his donut and blows on his coffee three times before he drinks. A little obsessive-compulsive are you Timmy?

A Navy journalist writing an expose on call girls is stabbed to death. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs brings D.C. Madame Holly Snow (Dina Meyer) in for some help. Holly leads Gibbs to a former employee. Other men killed by multiple stabbings were her clients. 

The killer is the girl's boyfriend who's also her lawyer. What was Gibbs' rule number thirteen, 'Never ever involve lawyers'? Seems the guy also knew Gibbs' rule number nine, 'Never go anywhere without a knife'.

The interaction between Tony and police detective Phil McCadden was amusing to watch. 'McC' as Tony calls him can quote lines from films and agrees the best shot in San Francisco is 'Vertigo'. Tony pairs with McCadden during the investigation, leaving McGee out.

These were a few things that caught me as I watched.

McCadden made some negative comments about McGee. Tony rose to the defense of his 'little brother' and comrade. Tony can call McGeek names but no one else.

Tony, Tony, Tony. Who taught you how to dress for a 'date' with a call girl? A smoking jacket for heaven sake! We won't even go into the new underwear. Okay, I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

I would like to talk to McGee about his diet. How can slim Tim eat frosted donuts and Nutter Butter cookies? What's your secret McSkinny? And when did the tradition arise that Tony brings him cookies?

I loved Ziva being the Greek Chorus for the rift between Tony and Tim. She derived much enjoyment out of their bro-mance hitting the rocks. Tony was quick to tell her that guys don't date, they 'hang out' together. Ziva found that notion disgusting. Girl really needs a book of American colloquialisms PDQ! (You can look that up Ziva.)

Holly and Gibbs. He had no problem getting into her personal space. There was more than a little sexual tension between them. She was unnerved seeing him join the audience for her lecture. Was it because he was responsible for her ankle monitor or something more?

And most importantly, the secret to a great steak is to pour beer on it just before its done cooking. It's nearly barbeque time so I'm writing that down. Flames and alcohol, what could possibly go wrong?

McNozzo had a little tiff. These things happen between friends. Their relationship is back on track. However Tim still lost his cookies. I mean Tony took them away from him not...Oh never mind.

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-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist