'NCIS' Fan Columnist: I'm Thankful For The Funny
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: I'm Thankful For The Funny
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS Fan Columnist is thankful for the NCIS funny. If you'd like to become a fan contributor, click here.

NCIS reminds me of The Three Stooges.  I'm not ashamed to say I love the head slapping, mangled phrases and the in-jokes. I'm not comparing NCIS to the stooges, exactly. I'm just saying there are a few similarities.

Let's start with the head slapping. Special Agent Jethro Gibbs dispenses these as needed. The recipient is usually Agent Tony DiNozzo but agents Tim McGee and Ziva David have received a few as well. Nyuk nyuk nyuk. 

Gibbs uses it as a sort of attention getter. Moe Howard employed the technique as both discipline and a reminder to focus. When DiNozzo goes off on a movie tangent nothing works as well to bring him back to center.

Ziva gives us what I like to call Ziva-isms. I hope it catches on with the fan base. Ziva-isms consist of mangled idioms and a bit of innuendo.

My favorite intimation line of the moment came from last night's episode, "Child's Play".

"Is she going to baste your bird Tony?"

That's good stuff. I'm also very fond of her slight inaccuracies with popular axioms.

"You can't make an omelet with out breaking some legs."

"Ducky, drip it!"

"Do you mean, drop it or zip it?"

"Argh, American idioms drive me up the hall!"

Then there was the time she...

"Felt like a donkey's butt."

Could Curly Howard have done better?

I don't want to glaze over Tony DiNozzo's movie references in every show. The thing with Tony's movie quotes is they're like sight gags. You've just got to be there. They're much funnier when paired with the action.

In "Child's Play" he points at a teenage whiz kid and calls him Val Kilmer. The kid looks at him like he's bizarre and walks away. Obviously he'd never seen Real Genius the film DiNozzo alluded to. Maybe you haven't either.

One of the things I look forward to on NCIS is the in-joke. I have two particular favorites. The first was when Gibbs was asked what Dr. Ducky Mallard looked like when he was younger?

"Illya Kuryakin" Gibbs answered.

I'm wiping away tears of laughter. You are too if you remember David McCallum on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. playing a Russian born spy. If you're not of age, try a search engine.

I also appreciated a moment when a kid's football rolled to Gibbs' feet. He picked it up and motioned the boy back. He went back and Gibbs waved him back further. Gibbs then threw a perfect spiral into the boy's arms.

I loved that moment. I grew up in Southern California when Mark Harmon was the starting quarterback for UCLA.

I enjoy the humor infused in NCIS. I count on it and look forward to it every week. I think humor makes for a better drama. It creates point and counter point for the situation and the characters. 

NCIS, I'm thankful for the funny. Leave a comment below with your favorite funny moment of NCIS.

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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