'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Ignition Recap
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Ignition Recap
NCIS is smoking hot.

"Ignition" begins with a forest fire. Two forest rangers discover a half burned corps. They flip it over and see he was in the military. 'Well done'. Navy pilot Brad 'Hondo' Sayers presumably went out in a blaze of glory.

Tim McGee has found an interesting article for his boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs to read. That will have to wait for now. The team is off to the forest.

They scout the area and find parts of a jet pack. McGee is giddy with excitement. This is so cool! I saw one fly around Tomorrowland at Disneyland once. Okay maybe I'm a bit of a McGeek too. Trust me, it was neat-o.

Dr. Duck Mallard and his assistant Jimmy Palmer arrive via ATV with Ducky driving. This was cute but begged a few questions.

How were they to get the body back to autopsy? Why use an ATV when Gibbs and company drove there? Did Gibbs put the body in the trunk? If so, how do you get fried 'dead guy' smell out?

There was a squirrel discovered at the scene, a real crispy critter.

Because of his expertise nay obsession with jet packs, Gibbs gives McGee the lead on the investigation. Tim is getting a chance to spread his wings.

Jimmy Palmer is doing his first solo autopsy under Ducky's watchful eye. Palmer starts small with the roasted squirrel as his first customer. This isn't a wasted effort. 'Rocky' was chewing on the soft flesh of the dead flyer. Apparently squirrels can turn into man-eaters if the opportunity presents. Who knew?

Palmer finds poison in the squirrel's stomach contents. The same poison is found in Sayers' body.

Meanwhile Gibbs is doing a slow burn when a female attorney blocks his ability to talk to witnesses. M. Allison Hart shows up in his interrogation room where McGee is talking to jet pack designer Victor Tillman. She pops up to stops Gibbs from talking to Tillman's ex-wife who makes jet packs herself. They are rabid competitors and Sayers worked for them both.

Gibbs thinks he knows this female litigator but can't recall from where. DiNozzo asks him if he was married to Hart at one time. She clearly dislikes Gibbs so the question isn't inconceivable.

After autopsy on Sayers Ducky tells Gibbs he was poisoned and died prior to his jet pack flight. But, how did he get strapped in and why did the pack explode?

McGee discovers the pack was rigged to fly by remote control. Sayers was stealing the Tillman's technology so he could build a prototype with his Commanding Officer Captain Powell.  Powell wanted 100% of the profits and 'fired' Sayers permanently.

Gibbs finally recalls Hart. The article McGee found is about Colonel Merton Bell. Bell was in a Mexican jail and Gibbs put him there, (Outlaws And In-Laws). Gibbs finds a picture of the two together. Bell is free and Hart is his lawyer.

Things are going to get heated.

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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