'NCIS' Fan Columnist: He Sees You When You're Sleeping
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: He Sees You When You're Sleeping
Jacky Jackman
Jacky Jackman
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Christmas on NCIS brings us no body. No grisly murder. No funny Tony DiNozzo! What kind of holiday is this?

In "False Witness," Petty Officer Jerry Neisler is witness to the tragic murder of a young woman. Threats have been made, one via DVD showing a knife to his throat while he's sleeping. Jerry needs to go into hiding.

Ziva David and Tim McGee come into the office and find a serious DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly). No kidding around. Nose to the grindstone. An efficient, dedicated investigator. No joke. They don't recognize him. This is bad.

The district attorney wants Jerry found. Her entire case is based on his testimony. She has an eye toward Tony and tries to get him to accompany her to her office. The evidence boxes are too heavy and Tony has such strong arms. He turns her down! See what I mean? Very un-Tony.

Talking Turkey

Just in time for the holidays we learn there is a turkey database. It involves turkey DNA. I can't explain it as well as Abby Sciuto. Check it out online. She was dancing the Turkey Trot when Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) entered. Don't ask.

Gibbs has Jerry come home with him, much safer than in a safe house as we learned in "Enemies Domestic." By the way Director Vance is doing much better thank you. Tony circulated a get well card.

Jerry is an observant little puppy. He picks up on things like McGee not seeming too happy he was alone with Abby in her lab. He also noticed the way Timmy was looking at her tail feathers. (Come on McAbby! You're on my wish list.)

At this point Tony has made no movie references. When an obvious opening comes he doesn't take it. McGee leads him there and ends up making the reference himself. He and Ziva think they're being set up for something.

Picture Perfect

Abby (Pauley Perrette) checked out the DVD Jerry was left and finds a couple of pixels missing. She compares the DVD to other videos posted online and finds four with missing pixels in the same spot. She calculated the size of the hand holding the knife to Jerry's neck. She compared that to a hand in an online video and Voilà! a suspect. How does she do that? Problem, the guy is dead on a slab.

Smitty Brown was on the short list of people that not-yet-convicted murderer Samuel Hayes had dealings with. He also was a frequent visitor to Hayes in the joint. Smitty is a retailer with some product to move. Hayes will find customers on the inside. Smitty makes payments into a life insurance fund that Hayes' daughter will receive.

Law 'n' Ardor

Smitty's cell phone shows multiple calls from DA Walsh. He was her informer and also her lover. This compromises her case, which is thrown out of court. Hayes is released. He is confronted in an alley by the murdered girl's brother who plans to avenge his sister. He is stopped by Gibbs and team. Hayes says he will sign a confession so full of guilt is he by the murder.

Deck the Halls

Ziva and McGee enter the office observing Tony at his desk working. Suddenly holiday lights ignite around their desks and confetti flies into the air. Tony is back folks.

Happy holidays.


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