'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Faith Recap
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Faith Recap
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The holidays are a time for family, friends and murder.

In "Faith" the NCIS team discover Marine First Lieutenant Thomas Ellis a converted Muslim was kneeling on his prayer rug when he was killed. Some people are called cold-blooded but 'icing' a marine during prayer? Now that's cold!

Lieutenant Ellis' father George Ellis was a Marine Colonel but now saves souls as an ordained minister. Why is a Muslim Marine the 'son of a preacher man'? 

Abby Sciuto is being visited by her friend Carol Wilson (Meredith Eaton) while Leroy Jethro Gibbs has his father Jackson Gibbs (Ralph Waite) visiting. Abby is full of the Christmas spirit. Gibbs? Not so much.

When his father enters Gibbs' home he sees nothing but a dull living room.

"Hope you didn't get all decked out on my account," Jackson comments dryly to Gibbs.

Tony DiNozzo has a Christmas problem of his own. He has drawn the name of Delores Bromstead from Human Resources whom he believes is far from human. He looks for the perfect gift for a grinch.

Dr. 'Ducky' Mallard tells Gibbs the lieutenant died from blunt force trauma delivered in a slicing motion. That's a lousy holiday gift. Why didn't a Marine fight back? Apparently he knew his attacker.

DiNozzo and Gibbs visit Ellis' grieving family. The youngest son Patrick Ellis (Brandon Eaton) comes home and is told his older brother Thomas is dead. Marine Colonel now reverend Ellis asks if his son's death was a hate crime.

The lieutenant Ellis met his wife Tina in college. They were jocks. She played softball and he was a swimmer.

Islamic Chaplain Aaban El-Sayad tells Gibbs, Ellis was looking for something that Islam provided. But there was trouble with some guys in his unit. First Sergeant Louis Tibbens did not get along with Ellis at all.

Tony and Ziva David track down Tibbens to a bar. There is a deer head with Christmas lights on its antlers and a rebel flag on the wall.

Tibbens thinks Ziva should go with him back to his place. Tony cringes and Ziva puts Tibbens into a wall and his friends on the floor. Ah, nothing says Happy Holidays like a good barroom brawl with a bunch of 'red throats'. That's 'red necks' Ziva.

Gibbs brings Jackson to his basement. Surprise! Gibbs is working on a few boats now. Also some airplanes and other toys he has made for the Children's Hospital. He asks his dad to help. Is Gibbs trying to keep dad busy? Gibbs assures Jackson they'll work together. He tells him that later they will talk.

Abby has dressed her skeleton up like Santa Claus and is drinking Caf-Nog with her college roommate when Tim McGee enters the lab.

Carol shows McGee a picture of her nephew Fisher on Santa's lap. He just wants to see his mother who's stationed on a destroyer. McGee is doubts he can help until Abby calls him a miracle worker. Way to guilt a guy Abby!

Jackson is trying to deck the halls at Gibbs' with a tree and the family decorations. He lights logs in the fireplace resulting in the fire department being called out. Gibbs rushes home. He tries to put his gun in the safe on the bookshelf. Jackson yells at him to move the gun safe somewhere else.

Interpol finds a dummy corporation transferred $4000 to Tibbens' and another Marine's accounts. The corporation is in the name of George Ellis. Reverend Ellis paid men in the unit to get his son to stop all the 'muslin nonsense'. Dad's an understanding guy.

Based on the wounds Abby determines the object that killed Ellis was round. The downward blow was by someone who's athletic. Ellis wife played softball. There were also threads in the wound. Gibbs suggests a La Crosse stick. Brother Patrick plays La Crosse.

When Patrick is confronted he tell his father he killed Thomas for the family. His older brother was embarrassing them. In Patrick's eyes an honor killing must seem better.

Jackson finally tells Gibbs he shot and killed a young robber in his store. He looked into the boy's eyes and the guilt is eating him up. He wonders how Gibbs did it. Gibbs tells his father it wasn't supposed to be an easy thing to do. 

Christmas Eve sees Tony delivering the doll Deloris in H.R. wanted but didn't get as an eight year old. (Those NCIS employee files are very thorough.) The 'ice queen' melts.

McGee works a Christmas miracle thanks to Admiral 'Nicholas Whitebeard'. He is able to patch Fisher through to his Mom. Abby and McGee kiss. Okay, it was just on each other's cheek.

Gibbs and Jackson take the wooden toys to the hospital. Santa Gibbs leaves with a sack on his back.

 -Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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