'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Endgame Recap
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Endgame Recap
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What is it about the guys at NCIS that make women want to shoot them? I can understand Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) but Director Vance and nice guy incarnate Tim McGee (Sean Murray)?

In "Endgame" Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) is the target of an assassin. She is young, beautiful and very deadly. No it's not Ziva (Cote de Pablo). 

Lee Wuan Kai (Kelly Hu) is a lethal female trained as a child to kill. Trained in the orphanage by a staff of all men, abused and brain washed.

Vance has been after Kai for 17 years. She was responsible for the death of his patrol partner. After Vance shot her in the chest she got up. You can't keep a good homicidal woman down, unfortunately. She kills his patrol partner and shoots Vance in the shoulder. He was waiting for the 'kill shot' that never came. Why did she spare him?

Vance is obsessed with Kai, seeing her everywhere. So do we. She shows up at the crime scene, at the coffee shop near NCIS headquarters and in front of Vance's home. Obsession is a two way street.

Kai leaves corpses in her wake. Killing a doctor in the beginning scenes and then a United Nations attaché from North Korea, the deaths seem unrelated. Vance is focusing on the danger to himself and his family. He doesn't see the bigger picture. Why is Kai killing indiscriminately?

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and team looks at current pictures of the victims. The dead men trained the girls to be assassins. Kai cannot live with it any more. She is a monster and she takes revenge on the men that made her so.

Only Vance is left, the man she feels the strongest connection to. Confronting her in his house, she points her gun at him while he points his at her. I love these suspense filled moments. They both want the same thing, redemption, but not it in the same way. She wants him to kill her. He wants to save her. The decision is taken out of their hands when Vance's wife shoots Kai dead.  

Never mess with a married man especially if his wife can shoot a gun.

A lovely woman offers to help Tim McGee buy coffee for everyone. She introduces herself as Amanda (Lindy Booth) A beautiful girl displays instant attraction to McGee, what could possibly go wrong?  

McGee has arranged to meet Amanda for dinner. He goes to the restaurant to explain that he has work to do, so she offers to meet him at his apartment.  When we next see McGee he has a spring in his step. When DiNozzo notices, he's jealous and proud of McGee. Techno-nerds, they grow up so fast.

Amanda pays McGee a surprise visit at NCIS. McGee seems bothered and escorts her out. Amanda tells him to meet her for coffee in the morning. McGee should go to the movies with Tony. Does Fatal Attraction mean anything to him?

During coffee, McGee confronts her about her visit to his office. How did she know where he worked? She drops her American accent and demands to know where Kai is. As she reaches for her gun, she's shot and dies in McGee's arms. He catches a glimpse of Kai. She saved his life.

The moral of "Endgame" is this, beautiful women - they can kill you.

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