'NCIS' Episode 10.4 Preview Videos: 'Lost at Sea'
'NCIS' Episode 10.4 Preview Videos: 'Lost at Sea'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
NCIS continues season 10 tonight in an episode called "Lost at Sea." Check out the preview and sneak peek videos below to see what happens when Agent Borin has to work with Team Gibbs again. 

Who's lying?

In the preview video, we see that the team is on the case of a Navy helicopter that crashed, leaving at least some crew members alive. But apparently not everyone is telling the truth because though Abby looks and looks, she can't seem to find any helicopter parts. Somehow I doubt that an entire helicopter could disappear in the ocean so someone must be lying about something. Then again, it wouldn't be an episode of NCIS unless somebody was, right?

Agent Borin is back

The other thing we see in the preview video is the fact that Agent Borin is on the same case. This makes me happy as I always get a kick out of seeing her work with Gibbs and the rest of the team. It looks like she might even be taking point on the investigation, which should be interesting for everyone involved. I love that she can intimidate the team just as much as Gibbs does. 

Game on!

In the second video, we find the team on the scene of the helicopter crash. Ziva makes a bet that Tony and McGee can't get a date, and Tony takes her up on it. She says Tony needs to pick up the next woman he sees, who is of course Agent Borin. Now I know that the writers and actors have been hinting in interviews that Tony could be getting a love interest this season and now I'm wondering if it's going to be Borin. Not quite sure how I feel about that yet. I need to see that play out before I decide for sure because right now I still see her as the female version of Gibbs and I can't quite picture Tony with "Gibbs." Though I've seen some NCIS fanfiction stories that prove some of the fan base definitely have no problem with that combination. Ha!

What do you think after watching the previews for NCIS "Lost at Sea"? Do you think that Tony will actually try to pick up Agent Borin and if so, will he succeed? 

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