'NCIS' Episode 10.3 Videos: Ducky Digs Up His Own Case in 'Phoenix'
'NCIS' Episode 10.3 Videos:  Ducky Digs Up His Own Case in 'Phoenix'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
NCIS season 10 continues tonight with an episode called "Phoenix." After watching the videos below, it looks like that's a fairly accurate title, seeing as how Ducky is apparently trying to raise a case out of the ashes of a cold case. 

In the first video, we find a very upset Palmer telling Ducky in no uncertain terms that the body he's just stolen must be returned immediately. Palmer warns Ducky that things are going to get bad when Gibbs find out, just in time for Gibbs to make his appearance. 

It's a pretty intense scene and in it we see: 

  • Palmer no longer appears to be afraid to stand up to his mentor
  • Ducky is worried that everyone just wants him to retire and get it over with
  • Gibbs is very scared for his friend's health and shows that in his own Gibbs way, by screaming at him

In the second video, we see a much lighter scene; one that I'm going to guess appears right after the opening credits. It shows McGee, Ziva and Tony hanging out in the bullpen discussing a new piece of technology that will allow people to record nearly every second of their lives via photos taken every few seconds from a camera hanging around their necks. All three have varying ideas of the validity of such a device, especially when McGee announces that he will be beta testing it soon. 

It may only be just over a minute long, but we learn a lot in this one, such as:

  • Ziva is obviously still traumatized by the bombing, judging by her "some things should not be remembered" comment
  • McGee is excited to try out the new gadget, but will Gibbs let him?
  • Tony still feels bad about hurting the first girl he ever broke up with
  • Tony's Gibbs-dar is still working and still giving him a delayed response
  • First Gibbslap of the season! Woot!

After watching both videos, it's pretty clear that tonight's episode of NCIS is going to be full of emotional ups and downs. So far that's been par for the course this season and I'm kind of impressed with how long they are stretching out the bombing storyline. I know this is only the third episode of the season, but I would have expected all evidence that there was ever a bombing to be swept under the rug by now. The fact that we are still seeing the aftereffects of it is making for some intense stuff and I like it.

What do you think after watching the sneak peeks from tonight's episode of NCIS? Are you ready for Ducky to get back to work or do you think he should continue to take it easy like his doctor ordered?

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