'NCIS' Episode 10.11 Preview: Ziva Wants Revenge
'NCIS' Episode 10.11 Preview: Ziva Wants Revenge
Carla Day
Carla Day
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With Ziva's father dead, she is left to grieve for her loss and with a thirst for revenge in this week's NCIS "Shiva." Will she go off and take matters into her own hands? Or, will she let those closest to her take over? She is Ziva after all!

Spoiler alert: This preview contains NCIS spoilers and clips. Watch at your own risk!

NCIS "Shiva" Preview

In the preview video, Ziva visits the NCIS morgue to be near her father and Ducky offers to open the drawer for her. Tony shows up at the synagogue to be there for his partner and friend.

"Sympathy is the last thing I want right now." -- Ziva
"What do you need?" -- Tony
"Revenge." -- Ziva

Ziva wants to assist with the investigation, but Gibbs says, "You know my answer." Will she go outside and work on the case on her own? She seems very determined!

"I am blood." -- Ziva
"And, now you're the daughter of a dead man." -- Tony

This is definitely a difficult position for her to be in. What will she do?

Extended Sneak Peek

In the extended scene, Ziva questions her faith. "Why should I not be angry with all that has been taken from me?" She asks for a sign and in walks Tony. Aww!

Tony had McGee track Ziva down via her cell phone after not answering any calls. He wants to be there for her and help her. What does she want? Revenge! What a touching and heartbreaking scene between the two.

Will Ziva take matters into her own hands? Will Tony assist her? Or, will she get the backing of NCIS or at least from Gibbs to pursue her quest for justice, if not, revenge?

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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