'NCIS' Emmy-Nominated Guest Actor Charles Durning Honored for National Memorial Day
'NCIS' Emmy-Nominated Guest Actor Charles Durning Honored for National Memorial Day
Having been nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his guest appearance on NCIS is quite a merit for actor Charles Durning.  However, there are greater honors than that.  On National Memorial Day today, he will be recognized for his work during World War II.

The annual event will be a special tribute to "the veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam and the sacred war memorials built in their honor in the Nation's Capital," according to PBS.  Charles Durning is one of them, as he is a highly decorated World War II veteran.  In addition to that, he's been participating at the National Memorial Day Concert for 14 years.

It's about time for Durning to receive a reward.  The stage and screen star will apparently be "recognized for his bravery and sacrifice as part of the 'Greatest Generation.'"  He was drafted at the age of 21, first assigned as a rifleman before going overseas.  He has already been awarded with the Silver Star and three Purple Heart medals, but it's his first time to be honored during National Memorial Day.

For the annual concert, other celebrities will also be joining in.  Reports have it that Katie Holmes, Diane Weist, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Laurence Fishburne will be in attendance.

The National Memorial Day special will be aired on PBS stations all over the country, tonight, May 24 at 8pm.

Charles Durning may be known for his work during the war, but he's also famous in the entertainment industry for his acclaimed performances.  He has been the recipient of a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1990's The Kennedys of Massachusetts, and has been nominated for Primetime Emmys numerous times.  One was for guest-starring on the NCIS episode "Call of Silence," where he played the character Ernie Yost.

Durning has also been seen on several other television shows, including Everwood, Family Guy, Monk and Rescue Me.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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