'NCIS' Casts Jamie Lee Curtis as a Guest Star
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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It's not like NCIS needs to bolster ratings or anything. The procedural drama just finished another season (its 8th) as the number 1 scripted program on television. Still, good guest casting never hurt anyone, and NCIS has done itself proud: actress Jamie Lee Curtis will appear in two episodes of the show's upcoming season.

Curtis will play the part of Charlotte Ryan, who will visit the NCIS team as a representative from the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Defense. The character won't exactly be a friend to Gibbs and the rest of the heroes and instead will represent a position of conflict.

That's not to say that all will be antagonism when Jamie Lee Curtis steps onto the scene. NCIS' executive producer, Gary Glasberg, hints that there will be "sparks between Gibbs and Ryan" and that the show is "expecting some real chemistry." Ah, conflict! Always breeding love on television!

This won't be incredibly long-term love, of course. The character of Charlotte Ryan is expected to appear on only two episodes, back-to-back. The part may, however, have been expanded from the initial concept with the hiring of Jamie Lee Curtis. Glasberg also said:

"The role of 'Charlotte Ryan' got even better when the enormously talented Jamie Lee Curtis agreed to join us. Jamie's shoot-from-the-hip style embodies everything we want from Ryan -- humor, heart, strength, and a lot of fun. We couldn't be more excited she's here."

Jamie Lee Curtis is best known for her movie roles, although she did win a Golden Globe award for her role on the comedy, Anything But Love, in the late '80s and early '90s. Curtis' more prominent film roles include Halloween, A Fish Called Wanda, True Lies (for which she won a Golden Globe in 1994) and Freaky Friday. NCIS will actually mark Curtis' reunion with her Freaky Friday costar, Mark Harmon.

NCIS will return to CBS with new episodes on Tuesday, September 20, and the episodes with Jamie Lee Curtis are expected to air in November.

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