'NCIS' Actress Pauley Perrett Clears Up Rumors About Twitter and MySpace Identities
'NCIS' Actress Pauley Perrett Clears Up Rumors About Twitter and MySpace Identities
Celebrities are finding the downside to the existence of social networking, because it's getting easier to track them down.  But in Pauley Perrette's case, people think it's easy to steal her identity.  The NCIS star has been a victim of impostors, who have been pretending to be her on the websites Twitter and MySpace.  Upon finding out, she took action immediately.

"I am NOT on Twitter.com. I am NOT on MySpace.com," Perrette exclaimed.  She went on to say that she does have a MySpace page for her music but that it doesn't really add anyone as friends.

The actress posted a YouTube video of herself explaining what's really going on and how she tried to get the fake accounts removed from the respective sites.  It took long for her to convince the owners and she made several attempts to do so.

Perrette sent a proper "salute" photo to MySpace numerous times, in addition to Twitter asking her manager or publicist to confirm her identity.  This only led to her saying that she didn't have either.  She demanded that the networking sites should truly verify a user's identity before allowing them to create their accounts.

On the video, the NCIS star expressed her beliefs, worried that her fans might have been duped by the impostors.  "That's not fair to you," Perrette explained to her audience.  "You're being lied to; you're being tricked."

She continued to state that these sites need to implement stricter policies, because the number of people suffering from the same fate is increasing.  "Social networking sites have a responsibility to verify an individual's identity before you get sucked into a lie," she said.

With Pauley Perrette adamant in her campaign, Twitter seems to have responded.  The website said that it considered the problem carefully and will soon introduce a new feature to address it.  Verified Accounts will be created for celebrities, politicians, athletes and individuals who may find themselves victims of such impostors.

"Just be careful," the NCIS actress finished off.  "It's not just me, it's other people.  The Internet is a strange, strange place."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Pauley Perrette on YouTube, Digital Media Wire
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