It's a Go for 'NCIS' Spin-off
It's a Go for 'NCIS' Spin-off
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
On top of a season finale that reeled in a staggering 16.09 million viewers, CBS has greenlit the NCIS spin-off that was introduced several weeks back, which means our favorite procedural is set to have a younger cousin in sunny Los Angeles.  Perhaps reminiscent of CSI and its New York and Miami franchises, NCIS: Los Angeles will air after the original on its sturdy Tuesday night schedule. Completing the lineup is the new drama featuring Julianna Margulies called The Good Wife at 10pm.

NCIS: Los Angeles focuses on paramilitary investigators who hunt down especially dangerous criminals by using the latest whizbang technology, starring LL Cool J, Chris O'Donnell and Louise Lombard.

O'Donnell will be playing the lead Callen, an enigmatic lead agent whose natural talent for undercover work is legend, while rapper LL Cool J will be playing Special Agent Sam Hanna, an ex-Navy SEAL, who works in the undercover unit of NCIS in Los Angeles, and is also fluent in Arabic and an expert on Middle Eastern culture.  Louise Lombard will play the famel lead Lara, Peter Cambor is psychologist Nate, and Daniela Ruah will be forensic investigator Kensi, all appearing on the NCIS episode where the spin-off was launched.

NCIS itself was introduced by way of a two-part backdoor pilot for JAG.

On the episode, aired April 28, Gibbs and McGee fly to Los Angeles to work with the NCIS Office of Special Projects - Los Angeles team to solve the murder of a Marine.

Among the titles CBS picked from include NCIS: OSP and NCIS: Undercover.

"I'm very passionate about the series," LL Cool J was quoted as saying.  He added that he has cleared his schedule just to make sure that he meets the demand of his new role.

-Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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