Is 'NCIS' Hinting at a Health Scare for Gibbs?
Is 'NCIS' Hinting at a Health Scare for Gibbs?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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NCIS started to take a supernatural twist in the most recent episode, but the team soon learned that it was a case of the subconscious mind attempting to break free. At the very end Gibbs almost seemed disappointed that the ability to see ghosts wasn't real. It turns out he had been seeing his former boss and mentor Mike Franks throughout the episode. Was this just the subconscious playing tricks or is it hinting at a health issue for Gibbs?

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Ghosts Have Been Used Before

Bringing Mike's ghost into the episode certainly isn't something new. NCIS has brought in ghosts before, but most of the time as a way for characters to grieve and accept death. After Caitlin Todd's death in Season 2, each team member had a vision of her talking to them. Each time she helped them accept their thoughts and fears. Even Gibbs saw her, as he attempted to deal with the feeling of failing to protect her.

While Gibbs could see Mike for that reason, it's unlikely. Mike has been dead for years. Chances are Gibbs doesn't need help to grieve over that loss anymore. This suggests something bigger is at play.

Gibbs Just Thinking About Old Friends

Another theory is that Gibbs is purely thinking about old friends. The case was chilling, as Amber helped lead NCIS to various clues to crack the case. Everyone discussed death and the afterlife, although Gibbs refused to believe Amber was a psychic.

It is possible that bringing up the dead and ghosts just helped him bring up old friends. The season premiere picked up with Gibbs and McGee in Paraguay as prisoners and Gibbs opted for counseling after that, despite his previous attempts to skirt around it. He is changing and he may be thinking about lost friends a lot more. Mike was a mentor and it makes sense for him to picture his ghost when dealing with internal problems.

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Seeing Things

Gibbs was definitely disappointed that Amber turned out to be a murderer and not a psychic. Rather than answer her question, he dodged it. Gibbs would have been upfront with her if she had been wrong. The disappointment may have been because he knows seeing ghosts isn't a good thing, but hoped that being a psychic was possible. Otherwise, seeing things that aren't there could mean something is medically wrong with him.

NCIS wouldn't be the first show to introduce health issues this way. Grey's Anatomy used the ghost of Denny when Izzy's cancer had spread to her brain. This could be a storyline NCIS has chosen to use. Gibbs won't tell the team because he doesn't want to worry them, and it will likely be Jack who figures something out considering she likes to read and analyze people.

Do you think NCIS has hinted at health problems for Gibbs? Will the team rally together to help Gibbs get diagnosed and fight a serious health issue? Do you want the show to explore that storyline? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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