CBS Fall 2012 Premiere Dates: One Long Week in September
CBS Fall 2012 Premiere Dates: One Long Week in September
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
CBS is like a Swiss clock. The network does everything exactly the right way every time and can always be trusted to deliver. It has more crime procedurals than any other network, more laugh-track, multi-camera comedies than any other network and more hits than any other network.

And now it has a more simplified fall premiere calendar than any other network. While FOX, NBC, ABC and the CW slowly roll out their fall shows over several weeks, CBS takes a simple, shotgun approach. There are 22 shows premiering in a single week starting on Monday, September 24. The only show on CBS not debuting that week is the latest season of Survivor, which begins one week earlier.

This is how it should be done. Take everything you have, launch it in a single week and don't confuse your audience too much by changing everything around, having shows get sneak peeks on different nights and all the other maddening tricks CBS' rivals try.

Here's the full schedule.

Wednesday, Sept. 19
8pm: Survivor: Philippines

Monday, Sept. 24
8pm: How I Met Your Mother
8:30pm: Partners (NEW)
9pm: 2 Broke Girls
9:30pm: Mike & Molly
10pm: Hawaii Five-0

Tuesday, Sept. 25
8pm: NCIS
9pm: NCIS: Los Angeles
10pm: Vegas (NEW)

Wednesday, Sept. 26
9pm: Criminal Minds
10pm: CSI

Thursday, Sept. 27
8pm: The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm: Two and a Half Men
9pm: Person of Interest
10pm: Elementary (NEW)

Friday, Sept. 28
8pm: CSI: NY
9pm: Made in Jersey (NEW)
10pm: Blue Bloods

Saturday, Sept. 29
10pm: 48 Hours Mystery

Sunday, Sept. 30
7pm: 60 Minutes
8pm: The Amazing Race
9pm: The Good Wife
10pm: The Mentalist

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