4 Storylines That 'NCIS' Should Never Repeat
4 Storylines That 'NCIS' Should Never Repeat
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As NCIS heads towards its season 10 finale, we're counting down by celebrating some of the best episodes with our favorite characters, like Abby and McGee. But now it's time to take a look at some of our least favorite stories and why they didn't work for the show. 

Reality TV Stars

One of the most groan-inducing episodes of NCIS has to be season 3's "Model Behavior." There is just something about that episode that seems to set most fans' teeth on edge. Perhaps it's the fact that it's based on what looks to be an awful reality TV show about models in skimpy fatigues trying to make it through boot camp. Or maybe it's the way Tony is portrayed as nothing but a panting dog and Ziva as nothing but a jealous woman. Either way, this is one storyline that we'd happily never see on the series again.

Pop Singers

Season 2's "Pop Life" is another episode that makes us cringe when we think about it. Though it arguably did have a few good moments in it (Tony and Kate as talent managers in glasses at the club is a fairly funny scene). But even with those few moments, it still leaves an overall bad taste. This could be from the star of the episode, who may have been an okay singer and dancer but, in our opinion, had a lot to be desired in the acting department. Or perhaps it was the fact that it never sounded logical for the Navy to get involved in a case that involved a pop singer. 

An NCIS Director with Her Own Agenda

Now don't get us wrong, for the most part we did like Jenny Shepherd as the NCIS Director. Admittedly, her first episodes were a bit awkward as she and Gibbs stumbled through establishing a new working relationship and Jenny struggled to find a hair style that didn't make us wonder if she had a mirror at home. Things smoothed out in the middle, but then started to go downhill again when she became obsessed with La Grenouille. We felt a loss of respect for her and even her death felt wasted. 

A Team Member's Family Charged with Murder

It all basically started with McGee's sister back in season 4. While we did add "Twister Sister" to our list of best McGee episodes LINKKKKK, the story has since been done to death. Between Tony's father, Gibbs' mother-in-law, McGee's father and others, we've seen the family-member-as-murder-suspect plenty of times now. In fact, we should probably expand that to any family member accidentally involved in a case. We understand that he show wants to find ways to work families into the cases, but we think it works just fine to have the team on a case and the family story on the sidelines.

What do you think, NCIS fans? Do you agree with our list of storylines the show should never do again? Got any storylines you would never like to see again? Sound off in the comments below!

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