Spoiler Alert: 'NCIS: LA' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'NCIS: LA' Spoilers
NCIS: LA is rapidly approaching its mid-season mark, and there's been massive speculation on what the show holds. Well, replace speculation with investigation with this bevy of NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers.

Crying 'Lone Wolf'

This week's episode has the team investigating an ex-Naval intelligence officer. Apparently he'd been leading two separate lives, traveling back and forth oversees with fake passports. Why is it that always seems to get someone killed? Also Hetty will be tracking down an old friend of hers when a threat to national security arises. No word on who said contact is.

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May I Have This Dance?

Don't expect just cloak and dagger tomfoolery come November. Eric Olsen (Deeks on the show) dropped an lighthearted NCIS: LA spoiler a while ago that he and Kensi cut a rug waltzing in November 8's episode. This is actually something to get excited about, as actress Daniela Ruah won Portugal's Dancing the Stars competition.

Going Deep in 'Debt'

This NCIS: LA spoiler comes straight from the source. Writer for the show Dave Kalstein's tweets more than a jaybird and occasionally drops some knowledge about upcoming episodes. He's been especially excited about November 22's premiere of "The Debt," which according to him has 'the strongest group of guest stars' the show's seen. Like who exactly? Well, House's private eye Michael Weston is slated to appear next month as an Internal Affairs investigator looking for a mole.

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Looks like the show's determined not to hit a mid-season slump. There's still plenty of questions these spoilers raise, though. Who could Hetty be calling in a favor from? What's this about a mole in the department? Can Olsen actually dance? Give us your thoughts!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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