'NCIS: Los Angeles' Preview Clip 'Recruit': Callen and Hetty Share Some Quiet Moments
'NCIS: Los Angeles' Preview Clip 'Recruit': Callen and Hetty Share Some Quiet Moments
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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NCIS: Los Angeles season 4 continues tomorrow night in an episode called 'Recruit.' In this clip released by CBS, we find Callen and Hetty sharing a few quiet moments in a cemetery before getting back to work. 

Sometimes a lie is easier than the truth

In the beginning of the video, we find Callen visiting the grave of his sister. The name on the gravestone may be that of another girl, but we all know now that it's actually Amy buried there. Callen hasn't changed the stone to reflect the facts and when Hetty inquires about it, he says that it's easier for him to think that Amy is still out there somewhere. It's yet another moment where we are reminded that Callen is all alone, but also makes me wonder if it means that we are going to get more information on his family soon.

"Hell, I could fill my own graveyard."

In the video, we also see Hetty looking around at all of the gravestones and remarking that she was thinking of the number of people she had put into the ground. It's a very poignant moment; one that reminds us that though she recognizes that (like Callen said) some may have deserved it, not all did. Hetty may have been an assassin in her time, but she's also been a leader who has lost people and we see here that neither scenario sits well with her these days. 

Granger is going to do what??

Okay sure, I do realize Callen was making a joke. But I still can't help the images that Callen's remark brought to mind. Stuffing Hetty in "life-like pose" could mean so many things: perhaps Hetty at her desk sipping a cup of tea? Plus, I'm very much in agreement with Hetty. I wouldn't put something like that past Granger either. Also, I did appreciate the injection of humor they put into this very serious scene. 

"No rest for the wicked."

And with that comment, Hetty leads Callen away from the cemetery and I feel like we're meant to see that they are both moving on from the past and getting back to work. After everything that has happened with their last case, as well as in both their lives in general, I think it's something that they both need to do so it's nice to see them doing it. 

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