Nashville Star Declares Angela Hacker Winner of Season 5
Nashville Star Declares Angela Hacker Winner of Season 5
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Angela Hacker expresses her gratitude and her bliss, as she was crowned winner of Nashville Star season 5. She told her fans March 1 on the season finale, "Thank you all so much…I'm living a dream that's not only mine, but my family has had this dream for years, so I share this with them. I'm living what I love to do... and that's the best thing ever."

Nashville Star, a talent reality show similar to American Idol, showcases performers of country music as they aim to make an impact on both celebrity judges and the viewers. Hosted by Jewel, the show also features judges like Randy Own and Blake Shelton.

Overall, the results of Nashville Star season 5 came out to be sensible and without dispute. Zac Hacker, Angle’s 23-year old brother from Alabama ranked second place while David St. Romain finished third. St. Romain told Jewel, "First off, I don't feel at all empty handed. I feel honored and blessed to be here and be this far.”

And although Angela, a 29-year old native also from Alabama, beat her younger brother in the eight-week country singing competition, there was no clear case of sibling rivalry. In fact, before the announcement of the winner, Zac and Angela performed “Hard to Handle” together. "We've been singing together for a while and we always play gigs together back home. We love playing together and we are going to continue to play together," assured Angela.

In addition, judge Blake Shelton expressed his appreciation for the champion of Nashville Star season 5. He said, "You'll never know how much respect I have for you... you stood up there -- just you and your guitar -- and you owned the stage. You've shown more growth than anybody else on the show."

However painstaking, Angela now reaps the fruits of the intense competition starting off with a record deal with Warner Brothers Music Group, plus the chance to appear at the Grand Ole Opry and an acquisition of a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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