Will Juliette Barnes Ever Mature on 'Nashville'?
Will Juliette Barnes Ever Mature on 'Nashville'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Another season of Nashville is over. Yet again, we've seen the highs and lows of Juliette Barnes. Considering her complex character, this isn't that surprising. However, isn't it about time that she matures into a great confidant and icon? We've seen hints that it's possible, but each time she goes back to her old ways. Will Juliette ever fully mature?

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The Ups and Downs of Juliette Barnes

Nashville Season 5B initially showed Juliette as a mentor and friend for Maddie. Remember way back in Season 1? Maddie idolized Juliette, despite Rayna despising her. Over the years, Maddie has seen the type of person Juliette is, but she has still looked up to her at times. The first episode of Season 5B had Maddie turn to Juliette for advice.

Of course, Maddie didn't always like the advice, but Juliette proved she could be an excellent manager. However, within weeks, Juliette was back to her old ways. She was more focused on her own singing career than caring about the teenager who needed a female role model. By stealing Maddie's song, Juliette hit her lowest point in the season. It suggested that there is no hope for her to mature and that's dangerous for a show.

Sure, the music industry is competitive. You need a cutthroat attitude to succeed. However, Juliette owed it to Maddie as her manager to be supportive and helpful.

It's not just in her music that Juliette continues with the back and forth in her personality change. There were hints that she would support Avery's music career, only to phone him with her whining and drama an episode later. Fans want to see Avery and Juliette on a level playing field with mutual support, but it looks like it can never happen.

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Fans Are Fed up with the Back and Forth

Juliette's character changes need to stop. Many Nashville fans are tired of seeing a hint of maturity only for it to disappear a few seconds later. When she had her daughter, there was hope that she would finally put someone before herself first. The postnatal depression storyline was well managed, so fans didn't complain too much, especially when they found out Hayden Panettiere was going through the exact same situation.

Once she received treatment and especially after the plane crash, there was hope that she would finally grow up; that she would appreciate and respect Avery far more than ever before. Fans want to see a real character progression. Many want to see her become the heart of the show and the guiding force that Rayna always was.

There's a void that Juliette could realistically fill. Yet this back and forth is tiring. It's no longer interesting the way it used to be and definitely not realistic with everything that Juliette has been through over the years. Fans no longer get excited about a positive shift in her personality, as they fear the writers will just take her back two steps an episode later. It also leads to worries for other characters. Can we really believe something like Gunnar's shift in the Nashville Season 5 finale will be permanent if Juliette's multiple shifts haven't been?

Do you think Juliette will ever mature? How have you felt about her continuing shifts in personality? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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