Why Maddie's Starlet Rise Is the Highlight of 'Nashville' Season 6
Why Maddie's Starlet Rise Is the Highlight of 'Nashville' Season 6
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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While many characters on Nashville have shifted away from the music, Maddie is one of the few actually embracing her music and the fame that comes with it. Maddie's drive to be a star has always been a huge part of her character, but she never thought about the consequences of being a star. While Maddie's fame should be somewhat heightened due to her mother's life and death, and how that impacted Maddie and her family, the lesser fame (for example, being able to walk on the street alone without paparazzi following you) is actually a good driving force for Maddie going forward.

Maddie's Starlet Status

With Rayna alive, it's quite possible Maddie never would have learned what being a star truly was. Rayna wouldn't have let Maddie go this journey alone, like Deacon has, and Rayna was always so adamant about keeping Maddie out of the spotlight for as long as she could because she knew what fame could do to someone. Hell, look what fame has done to Juliette over the course of this series. But with Rayna's death, Maddie was finally free to open her heart to music in the way she always wanted to, but we never saw any of the potential consequences occur, which is why Maddie didn't pursue music for so long.

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Granted, she's only just become a star and the worst thing that's happened is Juliette stealing her song (from which Maddie gained loads of decent press because she wasn't the bad guy). Aside from that, all that's happened to her is an old guy attempting to make a move on her, but she was saved, thanks to her mother. But, as Maddie is becoming more familiar, she's on track to learn the hard way what fame can do to stars and their relationships.

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Maddie's new beau is teaching her this lesson because he's much more famous than her, his fans are quite vicious, and there's an ex-girlfriend attempting to get him back at every turn (and the fans are quite thrilled with those two being together, and they're not so fond of Maddie getting in the way.) If there's a real couple to compare it to, it would be Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Because of how famous he (Jonah) is, his fans are going lash out at Maddie because she's not the person they want him with. Especially with his ex-girlfriend making songs about Maddie and tearing up a picture of the two together, which is just adding fuel to fire.

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As Maddie's career continues, the strongest stories Nashville can write for her are the ones where she learns how awful being a music star can be. Rayna lived with the bad press, tabloid rumors, and the insane focus on her relationships with Deacon and Teddy for years before we ever met her in the premiere, but we're seeing Maddie grow into this and learn firsthand. To shy away from the negative aspects of a public career would be criminal because the only way Maddie can truly grow, as an artist and person, is to learn the hard life lessons her mother was always trying to protect her from. Plus, focusing on this would be perfect for Maddie's music to grow to and stay in the spotlight during a musically limited season of Nashville.

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