Normalcy Isn't Working for 'Nashville'
Normalcy Isn't Working for 'Nashville'
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As season 6 of Nashville progresses, the stories continue to get, well, normal and, frankly, very boring. The drama, mystery, music and intrigue from the series' first five seasons has been exchanged for an average, normal and almost reality show-like tone. Each character's story could use a bit of spicing up, as could the show in general if it's going to feel like the series we've been in love with for several seasons.

The Lack of Music

Nashville doesn't feel like the same show it used to be anymore. It continues to stray further from the musical lives of many of these characters, most notably Juliette and Scarlett. As Juliette searches for herself and how to better her life with her cult-like guru, her music career has been put on hold and there's been no mention of it or her recent album release since. Not only that, but it's like Juliette is a completely normal person in Nashville, Tennessee, which shouldn't be the case considering she's arguably the most talked-about country starlet.

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Even in the past when Juliette's career hasn't been going well, she's still continued singing, continued worrying about her career and how the break she's taking will impact it and her fans' loyalty, but that's all gone. It's like Juliette never had a career and she won't be going back. Focusing on bettering herself and getting her depression under control is important, too, but, in the past, music was used as a sort of therapy for Juliette, and that would be such an easy way to incorporate more music into the show while still continuing with the path she's on. Having more music for every character would be such an easy fix if it were used to further the stories, but it's like the writers just won't try.

Scarlett's music has all but died now, too. Scarlett has always been the one constant when it comes to Nashville's musical focus; whether it was with Gunnar, her solo career, or just for fun, Scarlett has always been the one singing (she's probably had at least one song in every episode since the beginning.) Scarlett, now, is working on a horse farm on season 6 episode 4 and isn't pursuing music, and isn't Nashville supposed to be about music? Scarlett has sung one song this season, and all she's done otherwise is obsess over her break-up with Gunnar.

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This show was always supposed to focus on the music, but, especially since the switch to CMT, the music has died down. Whether it's because of the new writers, a smaller budget or something else, Nashville shouldn't have continued if the music wasn't the main focus of the show. We used to see performances every week at the Bluebird, at the Opry or even just at the characters' homes with a guitar and a story to tell, but that seems to have died with Rayna. To make Nashville truly successful, it needs to focus again on the musical lives of these characters. They're not ordinary citizens, and the music should arguably be the greatest focus in their lives on the show.

The Lack of Excitement

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Not only is the music disappearing, but so is the drama. The stakes have dramatically fallen from the stories and the impact they held. Rayna's death was the last exciting, devastating and shocking moment in the series' history, and that was almost a year ago. Since the premiere of season 5B, Nashville almost feels like a reality show versus a competitor to the drama of fellow ABC shows like How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal. The drama of the story is what kept Nashville interesting. With the lowered stakes, as season 6 episode 4 proved, Nashville could just be any other show with the path it's currently on.

What do you think? Was Nashville better before it felt like a reality show? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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