'Nashville': Will Losing Highway 65 Be a Good Thing?
'Nashville': Will Losing Highway 65 Be a Good Thing?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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The Nashville season 5 finale is Aug. 10 and things aren't looking good for Highway 65. Zach threatened to pull his money out of the business if Deacon chooses to scrap the label doing commercials. Without Zach's money, everyone knows that Highway 65 could crumble.

While discussing their future, Daphne brought up the point that the label was no longer something that Rayna would have wanted. Fans may not want to see the label go (it's a part of Rayna that still lives on) but it could actually be a good thing.

No Label Is Better than a Label Without Integrity

Highway 65 with Zach in charge definitely isn't the business that Rayna set it out to be. It's lacking the support and nurturing of young artists. The newest artists brought into the label have been Hallie and Jessie, but their storylines involving music haven't been major factors in the show.

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The label is losing its integrity. It's been a long time since the focus has been on the music the way it originally was. While it is a business, that's not the way Highway 65 started out. It was supposed to be a family and a home. No new artist could ever feel that way with a guy like Zach around. It would be best to get rid of the label than let it sink further into the world of gritty business.

Rayna's Wishes are Being Forgotten

The way Highway 65 is going at the moment in Nashville, Rayna's memories and wishes are being forgotten. It's taken a child to remind the adults why her mom created the label in the first place. There has been this huge focus on saving the label from dying that everyone has forgotten what Rayna's goal always was: to create a safe space for artists to be who they want to be.

Saving the label isn't the most important thing. Honoring Rayna's memory is. Having Highway 65 the way it currently is won't help to remember Rayna for the amazing artist and caring mom that she was. Losing Highway 65 would be nothing compared to seeing it turn into yet another Edgehill.

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Deacon Has the Chance to Focus on More Important Things

Deacon is juggling far too many plates. He's trying to perform his own music, look after Maddie and Daphne, grieve for his wife, and look after a label. It's too much for one man to deal with, especially when you throw in others who come to him for advice.

By losing the label, Deacon could get back to his routes. He will get a chance to be more of a father figure to the girls and support young artists who need nurturing. He'll also have a chance to full grieve over the loss of Rayna, rather than have to represent the label in everything he does. The loss of Highway 65 could breathe new life into Deacon, which could help to breathe new life into the show.

Do you think Nashville should allow Highway 65 to crumble? Would the show be surprisingly better without it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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