'Nashville' Spoilers for 2013 Return: Will Juliette Get Married?
'Nashville' Spoilers for 2013 Return: Will Juliette Get Married?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Nashville closed out 2012 with quite a few cliffhangers. Will Rayna and Juliette go out on an arena tour together now that their duet "Wrong Song" is a big hit? Their record label certainly wants them to do it. It's all about the money! Both of their personal lives will probably play a role in the decision. As Rayna's marriage to Teddy is falling apart over his embezzlement, Juliette proposed to Sean!

Those two ladies have some big life changing moments ahead of them. As do several other Nashville musicians. Will Deacon join the Revel Kings on their tour? And, how about the up and comer Avery. Will he sacrifice his friends and band mates to gain his own record deal?

We can't forget about Scarlett and Gunnar. After he kissed her, their relationship is as cold as ice. She has to come to the realization that he is good for her, right? If nothing else, they have to write music again, it would be a shame to deprive the world of their beautiful sounds.

ABC hasn't left us hanging for answers. They aired a preview of what's coming up for Nashville in 2013. 

Check out the promo, but beware there are spoilers!

Here are some of the clues about upcoming Nashville storylines:

  • Juliette asks Rayna why she wants to go out on tour together. Rayna's reply: "It's just business."
  • Avery kisses Scarlett (Noooo!)
  • Who is Deacon kissing in bed?
  • Avery gets in a fight. Is that with his band?
  • Juliette: "I'm gettin' married." -- I guess Sean said yes.
  • Deacon has groupies hanging on him. Does that mean he went on tour?
  • Scarlett's singing on stage. Did she join the band? Or, is she on her own?
  • Teddy: "You are not taking the girls away from me. Not without a fight." Tough words from a criminal.
  • Juliette: "You just can't stand to see me happy." "Are you happy?"
Talk about a fast engagement and wedding. Will Juliette walk down the aisle and say, "I do." to Sean? I wouldn't put money on it. 

Juliette's in love with the idea of Sean and his normal family life more than she is in love with the man. He offers a stability that she's never had in her entire life, but the expectations will be more than she wants or can handle. Plus, she has a big tour.

What surprised you the most from the preview? What's the good and the bad that looks to be coming?

(Image and video courtesy of ABC.)

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