'Nashville' Season 2 Finale Recap: Rayna's Big Decision
'Nashville' Season 2 Finale Recap: Rayna's Big Decision
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last time on Nashville, Will tired of the reality cameras documenting his life with Layla, and he called a male personal trainer who was flirting with him.  Jeff Fordham threatened to expose Juliette's secret to Avery. Luke and Rayna confessed their love to each other, and Gunnar and Zoey put off telling Avery about Juliette's hook-up with Jeff.

The Nashville finale is here, people! This episode, titled "On the Other Hand," features Rayna's album drop and lots of romantic drama. What dirty little secrets will be revealed? Let's find out!

Maddie Is Ready to Rock

Deacon and Maddie are adorable bonding about music, and Rayna is pleased that they have a connection. Maddie gives her parents a photo of all four of them playing at the benefit for the troops. How sweet! Maddie sulks when Rayna and Deacon tell her that she has to finish school before pursuing a career in music. She wants to be signed to Highway 65 -- now.

Deacon is planning a benefit for his favorite charity, Heart Fellowship Recovery Center. Luke and Rayna will be in New York doing an appearance on GMA, but he offers to send over some signed guitars. Luke sees the picture of Deacon, Maddie, Daphne, and Rayna performing onstage together and is concerned. Rayna kisses away his worries.

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A Poor Choice of Words

Avery is writing a song to show his love for Juliette. Her anxiety level goes through the roof when she finds out that Jeff has been calling Avery all the time, but Avery isn't picking up the calls. He tells his girlfriend, "I am not going to get in bed with Jeff Fordham." What a spectacularly awkward moment for Juliette.

Scarlett's Big Decision

Meanwhile, Will is freaking out about his album going up against Rayna's new album. Scarlett is going back to school at Old Miss. She sees the picture that Maddie gave Deacon, and she wonders what their lives would have been like if Deacon had always known that Maddie was his child.

Gunnar and Zoey check out his new house. Zoey is going on tour with Juliette Barnes as a back-up singer. When Zoey tells Gunnar that Scarlett is going back to Mississippi, he seems like he couldn't care less.

Leave My Boyfriend Alone

Juliette calls Jeff and tells him to stop calling Avery. She tells Jeff, in desperation, that Avery knows about their indiscretion, but Jeff knows she is lying. He will stop calling Avery as soon as Juliette gets out of her Highway 65 contract with Rayna and comes back to Edgehill. I, for one, think Jeff is creepy. He makes a dig that Juliette knows how to get herself fired.

Jeff is at Will and Layla's apartment (or sound stage) and he is there to break exciting news that Will is going to New York City, and Jeff says he can guarantee Will a million album sales. This whole set-up with cameras and a producer isn't weird at all, right?

Rayna Goes To War

Jeff may have given Will good news, but Rayna is about to get a big dose of bad news. Her appearance on GMA was bumped by Jeff, and now Will has the slot. It seems that Jeff may have also promised GMA access to Luke Wheeler, and Rayna is fuming. She's mad as hell, and she is not going to take it anymore! Rayna comes up with an idea, and with Teddy's help, she is going to play LP Field, which should give her album a big bump. Take that, Edgehill!

 Juliette comes over to Rayna's house to ask a tiny favor. Will Rayna let her out of her contract? Rayna gets in Juliette's face, telling her that she is under contract and that she will perform at LP Field, otherwise there will be no Highway 65 if the launch doesn't go well.

Avery's Song

Everyone is gathered at Deacon's benefit for the Heart Fellowship Recovery Center sober living facility.   Scarlett tells Rayna that she is leaving town soon, and Rayna tells her that she will be great at whatever she chooses to do. Of course, who should arrive but Jeff. Jeff trash talks Rayna and gloats that Will's record will outsell hers, and that Juliette will eventually return to the Edgehill fold. Rayna knows something is up.

Gunnar, Avery and Zoey play Avery's song for Juliette. She arrives late and stumbles in, drunk.  Deacon stops her from going onstage. Rayna watches from the audience, and she is not a happy camper.

Regrets, I Have a Few

Rayna later goes to Juliette's house, and demands to know why Juliette is attempting to get booted from Highway 65. Juliette blurts out that she slept with Jeff. Rayna feels bad, and even holds Juliette's hair when she vomits. She tells Rayna the whole story, and that she hates Jeff. Really, who doesn't hate Jeff, except for Jeff?

Rayna suggests that she tell Avery before Jeff does. The ladies form a plan of attack. Juliette will get herself in order, and they will rock the concert at LP Field, which will make Jeff angry.

I Love You, But...

Avery comes home to find Juliette waiting for him. Zoey and Gunnar finally told Avery about Juliette. When a tearful Juliette says that it meant nothing, Avery says that she doesn't know what love is. Avery tells Juliette that he loves her, but he will eventually get over his feelings for her.

Later, Scarlett and Zoey hang out again as Scarlett prepares to leave town. Zoey gives Scarlet a thumb drive from Gunnar. Scarlett doesn't listen to it right away.

Will watches video footage of Layla confessing that she thinks her husband is tired of her, and then Will has to react in front of the cameras.  When he was in New York, he also contacted his personal trainer again to set up another session. It looks like Will is nearing the breaking point.

The Price of Business

Rayna goes by Deacon's to pick up the guitar that he is giving to Maddie. Rayna is troubled because she needs Highway 65 to succeed. She can contact Mr. Boone, who in the past was willing to give her shelf space in his stores for her CD's. Rayna declined at that time when he said he would no longer carry Juliette's music after the Grand Ole Opry fiasco. If Rayna talks to Boone, it will mean that another artist will be dropped.  Deacon tells her to do what she has to do.

Will is showing off his fancy plastic download card from Boone's Super Stores on camera.  He gets a call from Jeff, and the news is not good. He has been bumped by another artist. It looks like Rayna decided to take care of business and ask Boone for that favor.

Ladies Unite

Juliette shows up for the concert, and she is ready to perform. Jeff arrives because Rayna sent him a ticket. Juliette tells him that Avery didn't understand about their secret, and that she is staying with Highway 65. Rayna hands him a copy of her plastic card for Boone's Superstores. Jeff is angry and tosses it on the floor. I love how they played this! Way to go, ladies!

Teddy and the girls arrive for the concert, and Deacon joins them. Maddie is thrilled to see her Dad, and Teddy is hurt once again by Maddie and Deacon's bond over music. As Rayna prepares to take the stage, she prays and thanks God for all her blessings.

A Sparkly Surprise

Juliette and Rayna kill it during their set and Luke and Rayna nearly ignite during their duet. When they finish, Luke proposes and Rayna accepts. Everyone is happy for them, except for Deacon, Teddy, Maddie and Daphne. Well, you can't have everything, right?

Avery goes to see Juliette and he wants her to know that he believes that she does love him. He can't understand why she would cheat. A sobbing Juliette explains about her past, and how she hurts herself before someone else can hurt her. She says that she doesn't deserve Avery because she really is just trash.  Juliette begs him not leave her alone again.

A Sweet Duet

Finishing her goodbye tour, Scarlett goes to see Gunnar at the Bluebird Café. Gunnar is sorry and fears that he pushed Scarlett to pursue music. She tells him that she only did what she wanted to do. Gunnar plays the song on the thumb drive for Scarlett and they sing together, and it is so beautiful. Gunnar murmurs that he thinks Scarlett should stay. I second that!

Will Breaks Down

Will bursts into Gunnar's house, and he is a mess. Gunnar tries to comfort his friend, and lets him know that being able to be himself with only one other person is no way to live. Will goes home and collapses into Layla's arms in the bedroom, which is the camera-free zone. At least, it is supposed to be, but the camera in the clock on the mantle is a nasty surprise. It looks like he apologizes and finally confesses his secret to a stunned Layla.

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Cards on the Table

Deacon arrives to give Rayna his congratulations, but he can't do it. He tells her that he is now the man that Rayna always wanted and needed. He has always loved her, and he always will. They kiss, and Deacon presses a ring into her hand.

This finale episode of Nashville was great on so many levels. It was awesome to see Juliette and Rayna team up against Jeff. On the romance front, I wonder who Rayna will choose? I have a feeling she picks Deacon because he has changed so much. If so, that won't make Luke, or Teddy, very happy.

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